Three Main Foundations

With all the complicated ad blockers available that you can customize, edit or make to set filters to, finally there is an ad blocker that makes it insanely easy.  Simply Block Ads was made on the three main foundations: Simple, Simple, Simple. It was designed so that everyone from your brother, sister, mother, father or even grandparents can use it without the need for any training, learning curve or even a how-to-guide. All you need to do is install the extension on your web browser and you are good to go with your ad blocking needs. The program runs ad blocking protocols on each web page you visit with the only option you need to worry about is turning it on or off. No need for complicated filter lists, whitelists and other customization options that you normally have to deal with on other ad blockers. Simply Block Ads is the perfect name for this program as it is exactly what it does, a no muss no fuss ad blocking service.

Pricing and Features

Simply Block Ads is a free browser extension that blocks all kinds of ads from YouTube pre-video ads, in-site ads, pop-ups, text-ads, background ads, whole-site ads and many more. It works simply by searching for internet ads everytime you visit a website and checking with their incredibly long list of advertisers. Once an ads is found, it is blocked – simple as that! The only option that you have with this ad blocker is whether to allow ads on a specific domain you are browsing while still keeping the program running or to turn the program off completely. If you choose to allow ads for a specific domain, ads will always show up on it even if Simply Block Ads is running while turning the program off will allow all ads to show up on all web pages that you visit. With this ad blocker, you can expect faster web page loading, less clutter on the web pages and less online distractions from what you are doing and even if there are some complaints about it not being able to block certain ads with some users, there are far more positive reviews about how well it works.

Customer Support

As already mentioned earlier, Simply Block Ads’ customer support is very limited as they only offer one means of contacting the developer. You can link to the Wips support site of the developer where you fill out a text box with your concern and email address and wait for a response. You can also leave a review on their webstore, but this helps out other customers and is not a way to get a response from the developer. There are no live chat, direct email, forum or hotline support options.

What's the Verdict on Simply Block Ads?

A Must Try

Simply Block Ads Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you want to put an end to all the distracting online advertisements that you see without having to worry about what filter lists to use or how to maximize the customization options, then Simply Block Ads is the right one for you. It stays true to its name providing an overly simple means to block ads on web browsers so you can enjoy surfing the internet in peace. It may not be available on mobile devices but desktop users would really enjoy using this lightweight, effective and simple ad blocker. Join the nearly one million users of Simply Block Ads and get rid of all the online clutter on the web pages you are browsing. Check out Simply Block Ads today and add it as a browser extension to start blocking all the ads!