Affiliate Services

If you are still new to the game, ShareASale offers affiliate services where you can turn to their affiliate development team in order to help you grow as an affiliate marketer. They can recommend the best merchants for you to partner with if you ever feel lost in their vast sea of 3,900+ affiliate programs. Additionally, you can take part in classes, monthly newsletters and webinars in order for you to keep abreast with the affiliate marketing industry, as well as help you grow and reach your full potential as an affiliate marketer.

ShareASale Ease of Use

ShareASale is incredibly friendly towards its users, especially if you are the type who owns multiple websites. This is because of the fact that you do not need to apply to merchants for each and every website that you own. You simply list all of your websites in one text box, indicate which are the most important ones and give descriptions for each, and you are good to go! Another area in which ShareASale excels at, in terms of providing a smooth, convenient experience to users, is their search functions. Finding the right affiliate program for you is an absolute breeze because of options that let you search merchants by category, keywords, merchant status, and even when a merchant joined ShareASale’s network. In addition, their “PowerRank” feature allow you to search for the top 100 merchants based on a variety of factors. You can also sort merchants by a 7 day or 30 day EPC, and even alphabetically (by name, sale commission amount or hit commission amount).


ShareASale affiliates will never feel that they are lacking in quality products to promote, thanks to over 3,900+ affiliate programs spanning 40 different categories. Whatever category your website or blog may fall under, this affiliate marketing network has got you covered. You can find products to promote that relate to fashion accessories, automotives, art, music, photography, books and media, clothing, computers, food and drink, games and toys, general web services, gifts, health, real estate, sports and fitness, and many, many more.

Moreover, this affiliate marketing network provides some really great tools that will surely help you in your campaigns. For one thing, they provide real time tracking that lets you know to the moment a banner is clicked, a sale is made, and a commission is generated. Their reporting tools also give you a whole host of options. You can generate reports for transaction details, CSV downloads, today’s stats,

Next, ShareASale takes deep links a bit further by giving you the ability to customize your affiliate links. With this feature you can turn any of your deep links into shortened URLs, therefore making it more appealing to your visitors. You can even enable a “Socialbar” that makes it incredibly easy for anyone currently viewing your link to share it with their friends via social media or email.

For more advanced users, you can take advantage of their Affiliate API, which will let you pull different reports, search for new merchants, query for product links, and many more.

ShareASale Customer Support

If you ever find yourself stuck, you will be glad to know that ShareASale can be contacted via phone and email, from Mondays to Fridays, 9AM to 6PM, CT. They also have their company address displayed, if you want to pay them a personal visit or send them traditional mail. Additionally, you can browse a knowledgebase that also happens to contain a FAQ section.

What's the Verdict on ShareASale?

Worth It, Some Issues

ShareASale Review 2020 – Conclusion

While it isn’t the best affiliate marketing network out there right now, ShareASale is definitely not a pushover, either. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, this company can help you successfully monetize your website thanks to its user friendly approach, useful tools, real-time reporting functions, as well as incredibly valuable affiliate services. Check out ShareASale now, you don’t have to pay a single cent to join!