Freedome for Business

F-secure understands that sometimes we do business on the go and use public or unsecure connections. That is why being able to work securely from anywhere at any given time is a definite advantage. F-secure gives us that with Freedome for Business.

F-secure gives us wifi security with Freedome through the use of personal VPNs. Monitor all your devices and take action when required such as remotely wiping device data and enforcing passcodes. F-secure made Freedome protect against harmful applications that specifically target iOS and Android to ensure your device is always protected. Freedome does not slow devices down and lets you manage everything all on one portal saving you precious time and resources.

F-secure lets you have security on your devices wherever you may be and peace of mind knowing you are in control.

What's the Verdict on F-Secure?

Worth It, Some Issues

F-secure Review 2020 – Conclusion

F-secure is a great antivirus software to use especially if your business relies on being on the go and using mobile devices. Firstly F-secure lets you protect all your computers on your main office either locally or through the cloud, either way would be a good option depending on your needs. They also provide Freedome for business that allows you to operate offsite and still get the same level of protection for your mobile devices. With the protection they offer it is certainly worth testing out, good thing they offer free trials for their products so you can do just that. Check out F-secure and the rest of what they have to offer now and start protecting yourself and your business.