Insight and SONAR

Symantec goes beyond simple antivirus protection with Insight and Sonar, two features available on their antivirus for small businesses.

Insight is an intelligent program that looks at billions of files, machine and URL safety s from all around the world to stay updated on cyber threats. It uses the files age, frequency and location to expose and block new threats that wouldn’t normally be detected by simple antivirus. Symantec’s Insight works with their two-way firewall to prevent hackers from getting into your computer and stealing information. Symantec made it so that insight blocks threats and makes security decisions without constant prompts to you for your input. With 6 billion files and 1.6 billion queries every day, Insight has enough intelligence to call upon to effectively protect your business from unsafe downloads, emails, programs and websites.

Symantec also offers SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) as a feature of its product for small businesses, this monitors programs or apps that begin to exhibit characteristics of malware in order to identify and block them. SONAR looks at 1400 behaviors to determine if files or programs have good or malicious intentions and with 1.2 billion apps analyzed, it can compare historical data to identify threats. This is very effective for new threats even if just one user in the entire world encountered.

With these added features, your business is sure to be protected from cyber threats with Symantec.

What's the Verdict on Symantec?

Worth It, Some Issues

Symantec Review – Conclusion

If you are running a small business, cyber protection is something you must put some attention to as you are at risk as much as larger businesses. Cyber criminals are now specifically targeting smaller businesses as they tend to have less security than larger ones. With Symantec you are able to provide quality protection for your business at affordable price. They come in very competitive packages depending on how many computers you have and you can get large discounts by subscribing to a longer term. Symantec also gives you access to Insight and SONAR which are great tools to protect yourself, your business and your clients from cyber threats. So go ahead and give Symantec a try, they offer 60day free trials and 45day money back guarantees.