Hubpages is Best For Beginners!

Hubpages is a great choice for beginners and writers who don’t want to spend money on their passion project. Hubpages is basically a website where you make a 1000-word article on your blog (called hub) which is relevant to your niche or hobby. Making a hub on Hubpages is a piece of cake and here is the step-by-step process of how to make an entry:

  1. Go to the website and Sign Up for free account.
  2. Click on the ‘Start a new Hub’ tab.
  3. Add a Title to your hub.
  4. Add a small introduction of your hub.
  5. Add content to your hub.
  6. Add relevant images, videos, and links.

Voila! Your hub is ready for readers and can also earn income for you via the ads. Your audience can also give you feedback and submit comments regarding your work, or share their insighSome people say that they are earning about $100-$500 with their hubs on Hubpages- an impressive range for a blog-related income.

Fuel Your Passion

HubPages highly encourages bloggers and writers to create articles of which they are passionate and highly knowledgeable about. They have a network of sites which contain different categories, and it is almost impossible not to find your interest under their roof. Here are some of their categories: arts and design, literature, business, entertainment and media, family and parenting, fashion and beauty, food, games and hobbies, gender and relationships, health, personal finance, pets and animals, politics, religion, sports, and technology. They also have a dedicated section for tutorials and guides, which is also teeming with users interacting and sharing experiences and insights with each other.

HubPages Customer Service

Aside from the above mentioned dedicated tutorial section, HubPages also has an extensive FAQ page where you can learn more about their process and policies. You can also reach their team via phone and email. Keep in mind that technical support is only provided via email.

What's the Verdict on Hubpages?

There Are Better Options

Hubpages Blogging Review 2020 – Conclusion

Hubpages is a great way to share your knowledge and opinions on certain topics with thousands of like-minded people, and also a place to earn income from your unique and informative content. You can use Hubpages hubs as a traffic generator for your blogs.  Although they are not a complete blogging platform and puts up ads in your pages, creating an account and publishing blog posts have absolutely no charge, and given the number of their community, it is not hard to attract attention to your content. If you are itching to share your thoughts and would like to earn from them, why not try HubPages?