Typepad’s Pricing Schema

Typepad is the best choice for large organizations and enterprise companies who need a private blog that should be elegant in looks. Even if you are an individual, you can sign up for the Typepad because it is easy to use and contains most of the features that you need in a blogging platform. Typepad has many great features that make it a best choice for any blogger. They also provide very elegant and intuitive templates that can grab your attraction at once. Here is the information of their various plans and its price: —

  1. Plus plan that costs you $8.95 per month (includes designing, personal support, domain, and unlimited storage).
  2. Unlimited plan that costs you $14.95 per month (includes unlimited blogs, customized design including Plus features).
  3. Premium that costs you $29.95 per month (includes Priority support with Unlimited features).
  4. Enterprise plan that costs you $49.95 per month (includes Co-ownership with Premium features).


Typepad’s Great UI Features!

After its launch in the year 2003 Typepad has emerged as a best paid blogging platform on the internet. Today, there are many large organizations and enterprise media companies like ABC, BBC, Discovery Channel, Amazon, and many more who have used the services of Typepad for their blogging requirements.

Typepad is not only best for large business owners who need a sleek design blogs for their companies but it is also good for some beginners who don’t have a prior knowledge of blogging and programming. The easy to use interface of Typepad makes your blogging experience very easy and enjoyable. Typepad is also a best blogging platform in terms of hosting and uptime. Typepad has never gone down for a long time of more than a week in its lifetime.

What's the Verdict on Typepad?

A Must Try

Typepad Blogging Review 2020 – Conclusion

Blogging has become mandatory for every online business and services owner. If you belong to any business or you are providing online services, then Typepad should be your one stop shop regarding your every blogging requirements. This platform is also best for individuals who want to increase their presence throughout the world and want to share their views and opinions in related fields.

Many high profile companies like Discover channel, Amazon, Zynga, Yelp, and many more have already got their taste of blogging from Typepad and now it’s your chance to have it. Typepad is the best in case of hosting and uptime and you can rely on them regarding this. Recently, Typepad has also integrated Paypal in their blogging platform so that you can easily get your payments on your Paypal account.

I must recommend this blogging platform for any business owner or individual who is willing to spend few bucks and has zeal to communicate with the whole world. If you are not blogging then you should be missing a passionate writer within you.