Skype for Business

Skype is not just for personal use, but for business as well. Skype offers its services for free, but also offers a more feature loaded version that is more suited to businesses with 2 affordable packages.

Online Plan 1 would cost you $2 per user/month with an annual commitment and allows you to add up to 250 contacts in a group chat or video as well as enterprise grade security and management of employee accounts. Online Plan 2 costs more at $5.5 per user/month but allows for Group HD Video Calling, Schedule meetings in Outlook, Record audio and video in meetings and a lot more.

Either package could do benefit a business a lot in terms of communications and coordination with domestic offices as well as those abroad. Skype is making its name in the business scene as well as the commercial one as being a premier service provider.


What's the Verdict on Skype?

A Must Try

Skype Review – Conclusion

Skype is free. That should make it worthy enough for you to give it a test drive. If that is still not enough for you, consider that there are millions and millions of Skype users that have put their trust in Skype’s service whether for commercial or business use. It does have what it takes to satisfy your communication needs. It’s easy to use, free to use, and comes with very useful features so why don’t you go ahead and check Skype out now.