Award Winning Features

In June of 2013, Tokbox earned the “Best WebRTC Tool” at the WebRTC Conferences & Expo. This just goes to show the kind of quality service that they provide. Not only does Tokbox offer voice calls and conferences but they also have video calls, messaging and even screen sharing. Tokbox lets you record all your calls to keep records of or to be able to playback later. This feature is very helpful for businesses. Tokbox also provides quality security on its service which is very important to businesses who exchange sensitive information during conference calls.

What's the Verdict on Tokbox?

Worth It, Some Issues

Tokbox Review 2019- Conclusion

Tokbox provides good features for its products as proven by it winning the “Best WebRTC Tool” of 2013. This makes it a pretty good choice for medium to large businesses as small businesses may find the price of Tokbox too high as you would have to pay for support and additional minutes used. If you do decide to use Tokbox, the good news is they offer a 30 day free trial so you can check out their product before having to pay for it. This takes the risk out of trying out Tokbox so why not go ahead and sign up for the 30 day free trial.