Best Coupon Sites 2018

It might seem like it, but it is not so easy scouring various channels for coupons and deals. With coupon websites swiftly becoming a dime a dozen, finding the one that can provide the right overall service for you can be quite the task. Thankfully, there are various resources online that can help make the task an easier one.

Even better, we searched high and low for some of the very best coupon sites that the world wide web has to offer, so you won’t have to! Bargains are great, and finding one is now easier than ever thanks to these websites. So, what are you waiting for? Come and check out our list of the best coupon sites today!

CompanyRankingRatingPrice Description


1st9.8 out of 10Varies

Groupon Review

The best place to find deals, discounts and offers online for practically anything you need to purchase.Full Groupon Review »


2nd9.5 out of 10Varies

RetailMeNot Review

One of the best places to find coupons, deals and other discount opportunities online for thousands of retailers and merchants.Full RetailMeNot Review »

Coupons Review

3rd9.4 out of 10Varies

Coupons Review Review

Save on your purchases the easy and efficient way with the help of thousands of online coupons.Full Coupons Review Review »


4th9.2 out of 10Varies

DealCatcher Review

A company that offers various great deals on a wide number of stores with new ones being added to their selection every day.Full DealCatcher Review »


5th9 out of 10Varies

MyCoupons Review

A good collection of coupons and deals for all kinds of products and services that can help customers get more for their money through savings.Full MyCoupons Review »


6th9 out of 10Varies

ShopAtHome Review

A company that offers hundreds of coupons, discounts, rewards and cash back options for maximum savings.Full ShopAtHome Review »


7th9 out of 10Varies

FatWallet Review

A site full of great deals and cash backs from various stores, brands and retailers to give people more savings and more value for their money.Full FatWallet Review »


8th8.8 out of 10Varies

Redplum Review

Hundreds of available coupons, deals and more right in this website's collection. Perfect for the thrift shopper looking for great deals.Full Redplum Review »


9th8.8 out of 10Varies

SmartSource Review

An easy way to find great deals on coupons either by store or brand and download them directly to your loyalty cards for hassle-free shopping.Full SmartSource Review »


10th8.6 out of 10Varies

LivingSocial Review

Enjoy thousands of coupons and deals on various products that you can easily browse their website for.Full LivingSocial Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Printing Software

More often than not, if you want to print coupons from such websites, you have to use the website's proprietary printing software. This is mainly to help control the number of coupons people can avail of -- which prevents people from gaming the system.

A quick guide for downloading or installing  the software, meanwhile, can be found on each website, and are generally very easy to follow. You need only download them only one time from each website -- unless, of course, you  switch to a new computer or erased your existing copy . After the initial download, the coupons that you select will automatically print during future visits.

Sites that don’t have/require coupon printing software, you print directly from the website, or show downloaded coupons from the mobile app on your smart phones.

Membership Required?

You are not required to become a member of the coupon website or provide them with any personal information in order to use their services. However, some services will offer special deals, newsletters and coupon updates to members.

Refund Policy

The important questions asked when coupon hunting is when you need to return them, because of unforeseen circumstances, can you get refunds, and how long do you have to wait?


  • Hello,
    I recommend one website, slickdeals. I think its one of the best.


    • Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll take a look. 🙂