Creatine Citrate Products

Here are some Creatine Citrate products that you might want to try out.

GJAV Pre/Post Workout: GJAV gives you a different supplement to take for your pre and for your post workout, but both of them contain Creatine Citrate. The pre workout costs about $53 for a 540g jar and the post workout costs the same for a 560g jar.

SportLife Creatine Citrate: This is a pure creatine citrate and creatine citric acid compound that aims to give better absorption and faster results. A 1kg jar of this cost about $137.60 but you can find smaller one such as 200g jars for only $27 each.

Penco Tri-Creatine Citrate: Designed to help increase strength for short-term performance or high intensity activities, this perfectly soluble powder concentrate boasts of a 90% absorption. It only costs about $13.82 for a 500g jar making it very affordable.

Having different companies offer this kind of creatine leaves you to decide which one works best for you, so check out specific reviews on each one and try it out to see for yourself.

Creatine Myths, Busted!

Here are a few myths about Creatine that you might have already encountered and the truth behind each one. Hopefully this can help you avoid some bad practices and the potential harm it can cause on your body.

More Creatine, Better Effects: This is one of the most common myths about creatine but it is totally wrong. You do not have to load up or take excessive amounts of it to have better effects. In fact there are studies showing that those who take 10-20g of creatine at a time excrete about 50% of it, which is such a waste. Tests have shown that 5g a day of creatine are enough to produce noticeable results, or you could also stick to the recommended dosage on the packaging.

Creatine Brands Are The Same: Yes, they are all creatine and there is not much difference in that aspect, but the difference can be found in the process used by each company to manufacture the creatine that they sell. The same way that a bottle of Evian costs more than a bottle of Wilkins, not all creatine are made and priced equally.

Liquid Creatine is Best: While you think that a liquid form of creatine is better than a powdered or capsulized one, it is actually not. Creatine breaks down into creatinine when exposed to moisture so the liquid form you are taking may actually be worse than powdered ones. If you check out the top creatine brands, you will notice they are either powdered or capsules.

Hopefully this has straightened out some of the creatine myths you may have been lead to believe.

What's the Verdict on Creatine Citrate?

A Must Try

Creatine Citrate Review 2020 – Conclusion

Creatine Citrate may not be the most popular form of creatine because of the cost associated with it, but it is still an effective one. Though the benefits are pretty much what you would get from Creatine Monohydrate, it is a tad pricier — which is why people rarely use it. Also, Creatine Citrate is usually mixed a bunch of artificial stuff and hardly any pure substances are sold. So if you want to give it a try, be sure to do your research to find the best one for you so you don’t waste money.