Most dating services tend to treat their free accounts as a “spectator” plan that simply lets users see what the site is like without actually giving them the ability to do much. AllMale breaks free from that model by going completely free. From browsing other users’ profiles to searching for matches and sending as many messages as you want, you’ll have unlimited access to all of the site’s core features without spending a dime.

There are, of course, certain extras available to members who invest more in their AllMale experience. These extras mostly involve boosting your profile’s visibility throughout the site and on specific search results. You’ll also unlock the option to send virtual gifts to particular users.

Unlike other dating sites, though, AllMale uses an in-site “coin” currency for purchasing these extras. You can pay real money to buy yourself bundles of coins, but the good news is that you don’t even have to. Staying active on the site, completing your profile, and even just logging in can earn you coins and replenish your bank. This means you can still get good value out of AllMale even if you spend absolutely zero money on your account.