SaleHoo Drop Shipping Stories

In Disappointment, There Lies Hope

Raising five children may be a noble task, but it is also a tiring one. Mothers who are faced with this situation may find out sooner that they have to give up their full-time job to juggle their parenting and household responsibilities properly. This was the exact case for Leanne Keepence, a mother from Australia whose children’s ages ranged from six weeks to 21 years old.

She was looking for work from home business opportunities when, one day in 2005, her husband told her about eBay. The very first item they decided to sell a gold ring of her husband’s that he was no longer using. After having it sold to the highest bidder, they were so satisfied with the experience–and their profit, of course–that they moved on to selling other items around their house. Needless to say, they were hooked.

This led to them looking for drop shipping companies in Australia in the hopes of expanding their venture. Unfortunately, most drop shippers that that they found had subpar service. Leanne learned this the hard way, and she was almost on the verge of giving up–until she decided to try SaleHoo.

SaleHoo was a complete 180 degree turn from her previous experience with drop shipping companies. In other words, they service was fantastic. The couple immediately found a list of credible manufacturers and warehouses based in Australia where they could source the items that they wanted to line their virtual shelves with.

They also took advantage of the SaleHoo forum to make intelligent decisions regarding their business. Plus, the educational materials helped them find good leads and attract more people to their store. More importantly, Leanne is now able to take care of her children all while running a bustling online store, all thanks to the convenience that drop shipping provides. Originally a Bronze Power Seller, their store has now reached Gold Power Seller status and is speeding its way into the Platinum Power Seller level.

Starting Small

Carolyn Newsom had been working for a non-profit industry for two decades, but wanted to change her career into something that would give her more time for her family. As her relatives all reside in different locations, the flexibility of being an online entrepreneur appealed to her; and she ultimately decided to try out her luck in the field in 2007, together with her sister Bootsie.

They made a seller account on eBay, naming the store Bootsie’s Boutique, and started selling items found in their home that they no longer needed. Before long, they found themselves successful in the niche of plus-sized apparel for women. Soon, their store expanded to include clothing for men, children, and babies; as well as fashion accessories, toys, and gift items. Currently, the store carries a wide variety of items, with hundreds of selections for clothing, costumes, and gifts; plus special deals for a specific category popping up every once in a while.

Their store did not flourish without challenges, though. The original supplier for their store decided to go another way, and they were left to search for another partner supplier to be able to run their business smoothly. Fortunately, they stumbled upon SaleHoo, and found reputable and reliable companies from the drop shipping company. They also signed up for SaleHoo’s newsletter and blog–which they found extremely helpful for handling issues and exploring new trends, ideas and vendors.

Bootsie’s Boutique, which has consistently been a top seller and a customer favorite, has achieved Bronze Power Seller membership on eBay, a status belonging to the most successful sellers in the field. It looks like their recipe for drop shipping success worked; and with their current focus on marketing their store and imbuing a more professional presence to their name, you can bet that Bootsie’s Boutique will continue to be a giant in the business.

Age Doesn’t Matter

17-year-old Tom Ainge-Roy from New Zealand is the owner of a highly profitable online store. Using only his personal computer and the Internet, a few trips to the post office, and immense dedication, success was inevitable for the young entrepreneur. His luck didn’t kick in for the first few months of his online business venture, though. When Tom was starting out, he struggled with the drop shipping companies he found because they offered little to no resources for someone like him.

Being a newcomer in the business, he wanted to be sure about his decisions. Luckily, he found SaleHoo, which he has been a member of for over a year. He partnered up with the recommended wholesalers, learned the tricks of the trade, and as a result, now runs a stable business that gives him a steady income every week–definitely an impressive achievement for a boy his age.

Beyond that, he took advantage of the tips that he read from the SaleHoo forum, and now gains 300% to 400% profit on every item that he sells, which is an indication of how well he has grown as a businessman.

Tom is living proof that anyone, no matter how young or old–despite the absence of experience–can succeed, given the right tools and resources. In his own words: “If a kid from down under can make it work, then so can you!”

Get Started

These are just three out of the hundreds of users that have found success and satisfaction in using SaleHoo as their drop shipping partner of choice. Given the quality of service and variety of reputable manufacturers in their pages, it’s no wonder that SaleHoo ranked first in our search for the best drop shipping companies. If you feel motivated enough to become an online entrepreneur and be your own boss, why not give our review of SaleHoo a quick peek so you can see for youtself if they have what you need?