Party Ideas

Not only does eVite allow you to send beautiful electronic invitations to all your guests, but they can also help you plan the party itself. There is a section on their website called Party Ideas where you can get tips and themes for any kind of party. Choose from their 18 different party occasions for the one you are planning to host.

You can even go directly to the food and drinks tab to see what kind you should serve. They also help you with cake choices and DIY party decorations that are both creative and budget friendly. eVite also has a tab where you can check out real parties that have been prepared and read through articles for more helpful tips on how to plan the perfect party.

eVite helps you plan that perfect party to go along with the perfect electronic invite that you made. This is just another reason for you to check out eVite today!

Recipients Package

Since signing up for a membership with eVite is free, the only cost you have to worry about is how much it will cost you to send out your e-vite. eVite offers different packages depending on the number of recipients you intend to have. In the case of the normal designs:

  • 1-5 recipients: $2 to send
  • 6-10 recipients : $4 to send
  • 11-50 recipients : $12 to send
  • 51-125 recipients : $20 to send
  • 126-300 recipients : $35 to send
  • 301-750 recipients : $80 to send

What is good about this is that the more people you have to send the invite to, the lesser the cost per recipient becomes. This will come especially handy for big events like weddings, birthdays or even high school reunions. There are also premium designs which come at a different price that you can check out on eVite’s website. Moreover,

eVite Premium

If you would like to have access to eVite’s cards, then you may want to subscribe to their Premium plan. Aside from cards with eye-catching designs, all invitations are ad-free for a professional feel, and can be customized with photos, text cards, and photo stamps, with an envelope to boot. Lastly, a fixed rate is applied when sending invites, so you don’t need tot pool your recipients just to save on costs. Pricing starts at $15, so if you’re looking for high quality cards for family, friends, and anyone in between, then the eVite Premium is something you should consider.

Customer Support

Support options with eVite are limited compared to what you can expect from some of the other top competition. Their main line of support is an extensive knowledgebase with over a hundred articles about their products and services. You can also connect on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest but they do not have any email or telephone support.

What's the Verdict on eVite?

A Must Try

eVite Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you need help with party planning and an easy way to invite all your guests, then eVite is the right way to go. They make very easy and fun to make personalized invitations for any kind of event and even give you a way to send gifts to people. Take advantage of their mobile app and work on-the-go from your mobile phone. There is no cost in trying out their services and making your own invitations or even greeting cards so check out eVite today!