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Is eSports Betting Legal?

Online gambling can be a tricky field to walk—more so if you’re betting on eSports. The eSports betting world is still mostly uncharted territory, not least of all because of tricky legal questions and issues of jurisdiction. If you’re looking to place some bets on your favorite eSports teams, you might be wondering if that’s […]

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Why Are eSports Betting on Cryptocurrency?

Esports are on fire right now, with the industry projected to hit almost $1 billion in 2019. Your favorite Twitch stream’s jaw-dropping viewer numbers aren’t a fluke, either: market research from Newzoo shows the global esports audience growing to 380 million people this year, of which 165M are expected to be hardcore fans. Opportunities abound […]

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7 eSports Cryptocurrencies Gamers Should Watch

Have your eye on a hot new gaming token? Every month seems to bring a new cryptocurrency program or platform aimed at gamers. We’ve already looked at why gaming and cryptocurrency make for promising bedfellows, and we’re obviously not the only ones who’ve noticed. More and more projects are cropping up to explore the fertile […]

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