Like many other digital sportsbooks, NetBet’s is just one of many online gambling offerings of a single company. The arrangement is similar to that of Sky Bet; in fact, even the front page layout is comparable. Here, links to NetBet’s casino, lotto, and poker portals are displayed prominently next to the company’s logo. In fact, almost everything is accessible through and loads within the main page of the website–the exception being the help and FAQ section and the registration process, which both utilize pop-up windows–which may account for a slight lag in loading times.

NetBet lists everything from football and basketball, to Gaelic hurling and surfing; even dipping its toes in non-sports events, such as national elections and entertainment-based competitions like Eurovision. It’s not as comprehensive and extensive, though; that is, compared to the likes of Betway or Bet365. And when it comes to eSports, the options are very limited; as of this writing, not all popular game titles are supported. However, worth noting here is that NetBet–like some of its competitors–may not update quickly, or even list game titles at all when there are no matches to bet on.