Sky Bet is not technically a multi-category online gambling website. However, its layout is similar to that of Betway, in that unobtrusive links to non-sports betting options are displayed in the header. Through these, you can check out Sky’s other offerings–the typical bingo, casino, poker and Vegas games–which all operate under different names and have separate portals. The result of this design is a clean and intuitive interface, with elements that don’t compete for the user’s attention.

The sportsbook is traditional fare–football, basketball, baseball and more–mixed with modern and sometimes bizarre additions. For example, you can bet on politics, current events and even TV shows; from reality-based bets, like who will win The Voice, to purely fictional outcomes, like who will end up ruling Westeros in Game of Thrones. There’s also a great support structure for live betting, especially with races: horses, greyhounds, motor sports and the like. And of course, there’s the relatively recent addition of eSports, which Sky Bet dove into head first in 2015.