Ease of Use

Hubstaff Talent’s website eschews fancy site design and layout in favor of a more minimalistic approach, making it a breeze to navigate. Clad in a nearly all-white aesthetic, one can immediately appreciate how clean and uncluttered it is; everything is neatly laid out and the site is devoid of obtrusive ads. Searching for jobs or freelancers, meanwhile, gets top marks for how simple the process is. Upon landing on their front page, for instance, users are greeted by a big search bar which they can use to search by keywords. Alternatively, users can also browse by skill via the categories. Currently there are only seven, but each offers various subcategories that let you narrow down your searches. Also worth noting is that they also showcase a handful of freelancer profiles on their front page – which is handy for those looking to hire someone quick, or if you simply want to get a sneak peek at the talent pool.

Browsing their listings is also quite convenient, thanks to helpful filters as well as the overall presentation of each listing. For starters, you can specify which skills, as well as job types, are prioritized in search results. The former allows you to manually type in the specific skill you want, while the latter allows you to choose between hourly, part-time, or full-time type of jobs. Beyond that, you can also specify the pay rate per hour, or even the budget. Hubstaff Talent also allows you to filter by experience level, by country, or by languages. And if you are looking for freelancers, you can also filter search results by age if you are looking for hires within a specific age group.

In terms of how listings are presented, nearly every pertinent information about a job or a freelancer profile is displayed without you having to click on each – allowing you to get a pretty good idea what a job entails or who a particular freelancer is before even diving in deep into the listing. For jobs, the pay rate and job type are both displayed along with the name of the company, the location, the keywords, and a short description. Clicking on it displays the entire job description, as well as the “Apply to Job” button – but most of what you need to know is already clearly shown on the listing page. Pretty handy, especially for those who like to keep browsing before deciding which job to apply for, or which freelancer to hire.


The one thing that truly makes Hubstaff Talent stand out from the crowd is the fact that they offer this service at no cost whatsoever. And if you think there must be a catch, think again. There are no hidden fees, no markups, and absolutely no middlemen that get a significant piece of the pie; this is 100% free. Agencies, business owners and freelancers, whether budding or seasoned, can easily sign up here to get leads, or get hired – all without having to fork over any monetary investment.

Boon or Bane?

Because Hubstaff Talent is still very much a fledgling freelance website, not many people know about it yet. There are hundreds of people that already do, but that pales in comparison to the number of visitors more established websites get, day in and day out. This can be both good and bad. On one hand, for freelancers, there is less competition compared to bigger sites like Freelancer, so getting noticed quickly is more likely. On the other hand, because of its obscurity, there aren’t that many job listings yet (as of this writing) – making it a little tricky for freelancers to look for job options.

Customer Support

Hubstaff Talent’s customer support is just okay, if a bit lacking. They offer no live chat or phone support, so if you need to get in touch with them, you would have to make do with email. The closest thing they have to a live chat is a little chat window that you can open up and leave messages on – though this more akin to an online contact form, only fancier and with emojis. Meanwhile, you can also connect with them on both Facebook and Twitter, but nothing beats live one-on-one support for faster problem resolution. That said, their FAQ, while not really comprehensive, manages to answer the most basic of questions. The Help Center is a bit confusing though, as clicking on it directs you to the help page of Hubstaff, their time tracking platform.

What's the Verdict on Hubstaff Talent?

Worth It, Some Issues

Hubstaff Talent Review 2017 – Conclusion

Overall, Hubstaff Talent is a pretty serviceable freelance website. This early in its life, it already possesses the hallmarks of a truly great service, but it needs to correct some of its shortcomings if it hopes to go toe-to-toe with the giants of the industry in the long run. Right now, there are only a few job listings posted, and both the categories and the freelancer pool aren’t as varied as other websites’. Still, this is still worth checking out, whether you are a business looking to hire or a freelancer looking to land some jobs – it is 100% free, after all. So there is no harm in trying, right?