ID Shield Pricing and Features

There are 2 membership plans being offered by ID Shield, the Individual and Family plan. The features of the 2 plans are the same except that the family plans allows you to cover more than just one person.

Both plans offer consultation services such as monthly theft updates, 24/7 emergency assistance, live member support and SSN Fraud detection. Identity restoration features include liscensed private investigators, medical identity theft restoration, complete identity restoration and financial identity theft restoration. Security monitoring features include credit inquiry alerts, quarterly score tracking, payday loan monitoring, bank account number monitoring, credit monitoring and credit records monitoring.

The ID Shield Individual plan costs $9.95 for single coverage, while the ID Shield Family plan costs $19.95 and allows coverage for 2 adults and up to 8 minors.

Customer Support

Customer support with ID Shield consists of a FAQ section and their hotline number with emergency assistance offered 24/7/365. You can also get in touch with representatives for concerns, consultations or reports via their mobile app for Android or iOS devices. Offering a live chat feature would have also been good but the current means of providing customer support are more than satisfactory.

Membership Perks Program

Subscribing for a membership with ID Shield allows you to not only protect yourself from the threat of identity theft but also allows you to save money with their exclusive deals. ID Shield offers a membership perks program to help encourage people to sign up for a membership by partnering with certain establishments that would offer discounts or shopping codes that they can use.

Once you sign up with an ID Shield account, you would be given a link to the Member Perks Site where you can set up your account. Then you can browse the page for the brands you like and get reduced prices on gift cards, exclusive promo codes and more — all of which you can use in either your online or in-store purchases.

Even better, the more members are covered with your family plan, the bigger your annual savings that it could even cover the cost of the ID Shield membership.

What's the Verdict on ID Shield?

Worth It, Some Issues

ID Shield Review 2020 – Conclusion

ID Shield provides an affordable identity theft protection service that you can use for yourself or for your entire family as they can help protect your spouse and up to 8 minors. The pricing is very competitive and you get premium coverage from a company with decades of experience in the field. So go ahead and sign up for a membership with ID shield and protect yourself from identity thieves.