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While this company does not have comprehensive career resources in its repertoire, users can read up on numerous articles that give career or job seeking advice. Their blog is filled with helpful articles that tackle topics such as Why Your Job Search Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect, Why Timing Can Make All The Difference In Landing Your Next Job, 5 Ways To Get Yourself Out Of A Career Funk, and many more. If you are looking to enhance your current career outlook with useful insight, then Glassdoor’s blog is the place to go.

Ease of Use

Using Glassdoor’s website is pretty easy and straightforward. If you have used similar job search sites in the past, then you will feel right at home with this one, unique as it may be. Upon landing on their front page, you are greeted by a very prominent search bar, which you can use to search for jobs, companies & reviews, salaries, and interviews. As for job searches, you can search for job titles or position, as well as city, state, or zip code. You can further refine the search results with the help of a few filtering options that look at how fresh a certain job listing is, what its current rating is according to employees, and job types. Finally, upon clicking on a job listing, you are automatically whisked to the job description page where you can learn more about the nature of the job, save the listing for future reference, and apply.

Users should be aware that clicking the apply button will directly take you to the employer’s website, which is a stark contrast to some job sites’ more streamlined, one-click application process. Searching for companies and company reviews is more or less the same as for when you are searching for a job, with only the overview pages having significant differences. If you are researching for potential employers, the company overviews that Glassdoor compiles are incredibly useful and detailed. You can see how many reviews have been given regarding a particular company, what the average salary is, how many interviews, as well as how many jobs there are. You can also view the company benefits, similar companies, photos, awards & accolades (if any), videos, the latest news, and financial information about the company.


If you come across particular job listings that you wish to return to at a later date, you can do so thanks to the save job feature. You can also set up job alerts so you will be notified via email if there are new postings for a certain job category or position that you have specified. This feature ensures that even if you are away or are currently preoccupied with something else, you won’t miss out if new career opportunities suddenly pop out. You can also view company information, company reviews, salaries, and interviews. They also have a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices so you can take the power of Glassdoor’s platform with you wherever you go.

Customer Support

Should you need to contact Glassdoor’s customer support for any assistance, they have an online contact form available, as well as a mailing address. They do not have phone or live chat support, which is slightly disappointing. That said, you might not even need these types of support with this kind of website, so it is not a total loss. For any questions that might be considered basic, they have a FAQ section that should provide ample answers.

What's the Verdict on Glassdoor?

A Must Try

Glassdoor Review 2020 – Conclusion

Glassdoor stands heads and shoulders above a lot of job search sites simply for the fact that it values transparency. You can read up on thousands of companies, view reviews written by actual employees, view real employee salaries, get an inside look at a company’s interview process, and many more. Thanks to these exclusive features, job seekers can be well informed and equipped with some incredibly useful knowledge about potential employers so they can better decide which job offer or company is best suited to them. If you think transparency is the way to go when it comes to picking the right job offer and company, then you should definitely check out Glassdoor!