Modafinilcat’s tracking system, ModaTrack, allows you to log in at any point of time to see the status of your shipment. In addition, you will receive e-mail notifications every time it passes another checkpoint. As Modafinilcat ship from India, depending on your location, shipping can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks and, as such, ModaTrack is great to have.

Modafinilcat Pricing

Modafinilcat’s prices are attractive and very competitive within the market. In addition to their pricing below, Modafinilcat offers a 10% discount to returning customers, a 20% discount for paying in Bitcoin, and a “sample pack” with 10 of each pill for $80.

# of PillsModalert
Modafinil – 200mg
Modafinil – 200mg
Armodafinil – 150mg
Armodafinil – 150mg
40$80 ($2.00/pill)$76 ($1.90/pill)$93 ($2.33/pill)$82 ($2.05/pill)
80$143 ($1.79/pill)$135 ($1.69/pill)$165 ($2.06/pill)$146 ($1.82/pill)
100$156 ($1.56/pill)$147 (1.47/pill)$181 ($1.81/pill)$160 ($1.60/pill)
200$232 ($1.16/pill)$219 ($1.09/pill)$269 ($1.34/pill)$237 ($1.19/pill)
300$313 ($1.04/pill)$295 ($0.98/pill)$362 ($1.21/pill)$320 ($1.07/pill)

The Website

In a sea of spam and scammy websites, Modafinilcat website is a refreshing change. Beyond the site’s funky design, it’s easy to use and has some great information on dosages, the difference between Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert and Artvigil, and a very built out FAQ.

Customer Support

If there’s one place where Modafinilcat really shines, it’s in its customer service. The team responds extremely quickly to e-mails and can be reached through Twitter and Reddit (a bastion of support for the company) as well. The staff are friendly and generous as is the company in general with very liberal refunding / reshipment, etc. Buying Modafinil can be a shady and unpleasant experience – not so the case here.

What's the Verdict on Modafinilcat?

A Definite Buy!

Modafinilcat Review – Conclusion

As I said in the beginning, if you’re looking for Modafinil – look no further. Modafinilcat is top of the pack in terms of prices, an easy to use website, repeat customer discounts, free international shipping, customer support, shipping times and, of course, access to quality Modafinils. A highly recommended supplier.