Unlimited Free Optimind

The website has a great offer for those who have enough marketing savvy to invite and refer 3 or more of their friends to try out Optimind. The offer states that for every 3 people that you invite who gives the nootropic a shot, you will get one free bottle. This means that if you keep successfully referring people to try out the product, you can, essentially, get free Optimind for a long, long time.

On the other hand, if you would rather have cash as a reward, Optimind will give you $10 for each friend that joins you in signing up. Just make sure that they use your referral link for subscription. Do take note that at least 35% of your referrals must go beyond the 14-day trial for the payout to be valid. For example, if you referred 100 friends and family, at least 35 must have purchased the package before you receive the payout.