The Best Online Lottery Sites

Lottery sites allow you to purchase tickets for lotteries all over the world, so you’re not just limited to your local ones.

Participate in the world’s biggest jackpots, and who knows? Maybe you’ll win! When choosing a site to buy online lottery tickets from, it’s crucial to choose one that is highly reliable and trustworthy.

Remember, if one of your tickets just so happens to win, you need to trust that company to cash in for you and pass you your winnings without any issues!

Recent jackpots have broken world records – Powerball hit $1.6 Billion last year. So, to win big, play it safe: use one of the recommended online lotteries listed below.

CompanyRankingRatingPrice# of LotteriesLottery AgentTicket ScanDescription
TheLotter1st9.9 out of 10Varies51YesYes

TheLotter Review

A highly recommended lotto agent with over 50 lotteries, dozens of syndicates, ticket scans, many deposit and withdrawal options, and a mobile app.Full TheLotter Review »
Jackpot.com2nd9.8 out of 10Varies27NoNo Review

A great online lottery site that is regulated by the 3 gambling regulators, offering guaranteed winnings on top of convenience, alerts, and more.Full Review »
Lotto Agent3rd9.7 out of 10Varies22YesYes

Lotto Agent Review

Lotto Agent offers access to 19 lotteries, supports a variety of payment methods - including Indian ones , and gives you top-notch customer support.Full Lotto Agent Review »
Lotto2474th9.6 out of 10Varies14NoNo

Lotto247 Review

Free Powerball Entry! Lotto247 is an excellent lottery betting site offering lottery players a shot at winning some of the world's biggest lotteries.Full Lotto247 Review »
LottoKings5th9.6 out of 10Varies20YesNo

LottoKings Review

LottoKings is a top platform that allows player from more than 140 countries to participate in over 20 worldwide lottery games from home.Full LottoKings Review »
PlayHugeLottos6th9.5 out of 10Varies15YesNo

PlayHugeLottos Review

Free US Powerball Entry! An online lottery site that has a 100% payout record.Full PlayHugeLottos Review »
WinTrillions7th9.3 out of 10Varies22YesYes

WinTrillions Review

One of the most complete online lottery sites today, offering dozens of lotteries, syndicates, numerous subscription options & regular promotions.Full WinTrillions Review »
MultiLotto8th9.3 out of 10Varies

MultiLotto Review is a leading betting services for lotteries and offers secure and competitive placement of bets on 65 of world's biggest lotteries.Full MultiLotto Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.


Biggest Lottery Jackpot Available

What Makes a Top Online Lottery Site?

Since actual lotteries mean actual money spent on tickets, of course the most important thing to ascertain is the good reputation of the website; as we mentioned above, reliability and trustworthiness are paramount.

Another testament to the quality of an online lottery site is the variety of its offerings.

Which lotteries around the world can you buy tickets to from the site?

Also worth noting: What kind of gambling can you do?

How does it work?

What are the odds you can use Comparakeet's odds calculator here?

Below is a quick look at some facts regarding these concerns.

What Is an Online Lottery Agent?

There are two types of companies through which you can buy online lottery tickets.

A lottery agent is a company that actually goes and purchase a ticket for you.

For instance, if you buy a MegaMillions ticket, the company will send an agent to a local retailer of MegaMillions in order to buy a ticket and fill out the numbers you selected.

In many cases, they will then scan the ticket and upload it to your account for you to see as proof.

The company will store the ticket until the results are publicized, and if you win, through various methods they will either get you the money or get you the ticket so you can redeem it.

Lotto Agent Home Page

On the other hand, there are companies which are not actual agents; rather, their function is to allow you to "bet" on the result.

For instance, if you "buy" a MegaMillions ticket through one of the best online lottery sites, they will not actually buy the ticket.

f you win, they will pay you from their own accounts.

These sorts of companies make more money off your purchase because they never actually buy the ticket themselves; but on the other hand, they pay very high insurance fees in case someone wins and they actually have to pay back a massive amount.

Such companies can offer bonuses, unlike lottery agents, but the risk tends to be higher.

What Is a Lottery Syndicate?

A lottery syndicate is a group of people that split the cost of a lottery ticket and all its potential winnings.

This makes playing the lottery cheaper and increases your chances of winning, though the winnings will be smaller.

For instance, say one lottery ticket costs $10.

A lottery syndicate of 300 people might buy 10 lottery tickets per day.

Over the course of the month, this adds up to 300 lottery tickets for $10 per person.

This gives every individual in the syndicate 300 chances to win for only $10.

On the other hand, if one of the syndicate's ticket happens to win $15,000,000, each member of the syndicate will only receive $50,000.

Most of the best online lottery sites offer a predefined or a custom lottery syndicate option.

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  • Avatar

    hai my name is naresh and im from India so please suggest me on which platform I can buy lottery tickets

  • Avatar

    Has anyone here heard of Jackpocket and do they have any opinions on it? I read numerous reviews but didn’t see anything on this site. A friend recommended, but trying to get some validation or useful review…

  • Avatar

    i live in united Arab emirates, as you told before that its not allowed to play here. so if i play through and win the lottery. i can not claim it or ask them to send money to united Arab emirates ?
    secondly, if in case i wins the lottery, do i have the option to ask the lottery website to pay me in other country where it is allowed. so i can keep the money there. just suppose my brother lives in UK and i ask the lottery website to send my winnings in UK to my brothers name. it wont be allowed or possible ? once my brother gets it i can take from him whenever i want.

  • Avatar

    Is the scanned ticket offered by most of website as a proof of purchase, considered legal and sufficient proof of sole ownership In the USA?

  • Avatar

    Hey I just checked us Powerball results of 10th june & found one number difference in draw.
    As I have taken both clarification & found one site draw wrong.
    Name not good to show here due to site reputation finally they accepted those mistakes.
    You can imagine one number match how huge destroy or create hope of someone.
    We always check minimum 2 sites lottery draw of same lottery.

    • Avatar

      Hey Krishan,

      It’s good that you checked the numbers against the official results. And you’re right, it should be common always confirm the official winning numbers, no matter how reputable an online lottery site is. No one is perfect, after all. 🙂

  • Avatar

    Hey Janus
    Actually right now i wish to know why lottey companies or country /state doesn’t own site.why we should depand on online lottery sites to play lottries & what is the aunthicity that in 3 dollor or 15 dollor these sites will hand over million jackpot to us.

    • Avatar

      Hi Krishan,

      So, first of all, if you want to play in lotteries other than the ones that are available where you live (if any), you have no other choice but to use lottery sites. But, only trust legitimate lottery sites (like theLotter, for instance) so you can be sure you will get your prize if you win. Here is how to spot a legitimate lottery site:

      • They offer security measures, like SSL encryption, to ensure transactions are safe. Most display various safety and security logos on their website.
      • Most are regulated by a gaming commission – which ensures they abide by strict standards.
      • They allow you to get in touch with them.
      • They have good payout records.

      We go more in-depth regarding safe & legitimate lottery sites right here.

  • Avatar

    Which site better between jackpot & lotter & why

    • Avatar

      theLotter is far and away the better of the two (which is why we ranked it first in our list here). It has over 51 lottery games and several syndicates for you to choose from, accepts tons of payment options, and does not take commissions from your winnings., on the other hand, has 16 lotteries (and no syndicates) on tap. They also say that they don’t take commissions from winnings, but that isn’t entirely true. For the two highest prize tiers of Powerball and MegaMillions, withholds around 39.6% of your winnings. They also don’t allow you to manually pick how many draws you want to participate in. You can only choose between a single entry and a subscription.

  • Avatar

    Hey Janus
    I am putting comparison two lottery site but your site not allowing my review. I tried several times.
    Why it’s happening due to name of site or I am putting few numeric amount to compare.
    Please clear.

    • Avatar

      What do you mean? You can’t put a review up on our website — we are the only ones authorized to publish reviews..

      • Avatar

        No dear I write my experience but couldn’t going here why

  • Avatar

    All sites must have detail in which country people can play international lottery & what tax deduction will done like I am from Delhi /India if I won jackpot US powerball 250 million then after all American & Indian tax what I will get in hand include some other lottery agent charges if…And this also shock create if I won jackpot & later my country or city not allowing then you can think what winner will face that moment so all sites must provide complete & transparent detail so tommarrow no if & but will come.

    • Avatar

      Here all lottery sites leaving this search on customer about tax & legal or illegal .
      Infect lottery sites need to provide this detail.

      • Avatar

        Hi Krishan,

        Honestly, that would be pretty hard for each lottery site to do. Each country has their own taxation and gambling laws, not to mention countries wherein each state has their own set of laws about gambling. Your country, for example, largely prohibits gambling, including online lottery. But some states are known to be more lax than others when it comes to lotteries or other forms of gambling. Now, imagine how difficult it would be for a lottery site to provide all of the varying gambling and taxation laws for every country (some with numerous states under them) they support. That’s a daunting task, if you ask me–which is why it’s every player’s responsibility to read up on his/her own country’s/state’s gambling and taxation laws. If you need more information about lottery sites, this FAQ should help you out. Hope that clears things up!

        • Avatar

          But even in local we need to search more hard where we can get tax & legal or illegal to play

          • Avatar

            Detail from whom .

          • Avatar

            A quick Google search about the topic (i.e. India’s gambling and taxation laws) should point you in the right direction.

  • Avatar

    Is legit the lottery superenamax? And why only have in PlayEuroMillions?

    • Avatar

      Hi Rui,

      Yes, SuperEna Max is a legitimate lottery. And, to answer your second question, not every lottery site offers the exact same lotteries – there will always be variations. That said, there are other lottery sites besides PlayEuroMillions that offer SuperEna Max – but most don’t belong on our top list.

  • Avatar

    Jackpot payout:
    Just imagine this scenario. An online lottery company’s annual net profit is just a few million US$. One of their clients won a high jackpot, say well over 25 million US$ or equivalent to 10, 20 or more years of company’s net profits. Imagine the jackpot is over US$100 (Powerball or Mega Million, even c.) What guarantee that such an online lottery company shall pay the jackpot. Forget about copy of scanned tickets. These mean nothing. Wouldn’t be more prifitable for such a company to call it a day, pocket the jackpot, and disappear, especially most of these online lottery companies are registered in Cyprus????
    Look forward to interesting discussions.

    • Avatar

      Hi James,

      You raise an interesting and valid point – one that I am sure many share. This is why it is important to check if the lottery site you are on is legitimate and not some fly-by-night outfit. The absence of SSL certificates and other security and trust logos is a red flag, for example. Legitimate lottery sites have been on the scene for a while now (with some exceptions, of course) and usually have near-flawless payout records, employ the appropriate security measures, and are regulated by a gambling commission.

  • Avatar

    Hello, if I live in a country in which lottery and gambling are illegal and purchased lotto tickets thru let say TheLotter, would i be able to collect the Jackpot of for example Power Ball or Mega Millions etc?

    • Avatar

      Hi Bobo,

      It really depends on which country you live in. Countries like Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus, North Korea, Poland, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates all prosecute people who partake in online gambling – even if it was done in the privacy of your own home. I suggest you look up your local laws regarding online gambling as it really differs from country to country.

  • Avatar

    Dear which lottery has the agents that actually buy a ticket rather than companies that bet on our number? I mean which lottery I should prefer among your top 20 lists.

    • Avatar

      Hi Shafique,

      The ones that are tagged as Lottery Agents in our list are the ones you are looking for – like The Lotter, for instance.

  • Avatar

    Hello there,

    How to play online lottery in India. Is it legal in India. which is best online site to play in India.

    • Avatar

      Hi Jay,

      Technically, it is not, as online lotteries are considered gambling, which your country is heavily against. But as far as I know, different states have varying views on the matter. It would help if you inquired with your local government about this as it is a slippery slope.

  • Avatar

    Hello, what does it means if I purchase 4 shares on the lottery?
    Does it means the €4 million belongs to me alone should my number come out first on the draw?

    • Avatar

      Hey Elizabeth,
      I think what you’re asking is about is lottery syndicates. A syndicate is basically when a group of people buy tickets for the same lottery and if any one of those people win, the group splits the winning.

      So, for example, if you bought 4 shares in a syndicate with 80 total shares for a €4 million lottery and you or anybody else won, you would win €200,000. The calculation is (amount of winnings) * (your shares) / (total shares).

      While you stand to win less money, your chances of winning increase. Online lottery agents typically offer both normal lottery tickets (you buy the ticket alone) and syndicates like I described. Hope that helps!

  • Avatar

    Which lottery site is recommended to buy Loteria de Navidad?

    • Avatar

      Hi, Reta.

      Right now your best bet is The Lotter. Not only do you get a user-friendly website and multiple deposit and withdrawal options, you can also buy Loteria de Navidad shares right now. With other websites you would have to wait a bit for the raffle to open, while others don’t seem to offer it at all. Additionally, The Lotter also gives you a discount if you purchase 4 or more shares. Good luck! 🙂

      • Avatar

        I won $20000