What Makes Health Lottery Different

For every £1 spent in Health Lottery, 20 pence goes directly to a local health-related organization across Great Britain. Since they are not a national lottery, but 51 local society lotteries each representing one or more local authority areas, they have been licensed by the Gambling Commission to raise money for health-related causes within their respective areas. So every time you play, you are not just getting a chance to win big prizes – you get to help make the country a healthier nation.

Two Ways To Play

The Health Lottery has two main game types that you can join in: first, the £1 game has the typical lottery mechanics where players choose a number from 1 to 50. You can also choose the Quick Pick option and have random numbers generated for you on the spot. 5 numbers and a bonus ball will be drawn and broadcasted from Tuesday to Saturday. Matching all 5 numbers will yield the highest possible winning, which is 10% of the total ticket sales for that draw (with a maximum of £100,000), 4 numbers and the bonus ball will yield £10,000, 4 numbers alone will have a prize of £250, 3 numbers and the bonus ball will have a winning of £50, 3 numbers alone will have a payout of £20, and 2 numbers and the bonus ball will give £10.

On the other hand, Instant Games, which are also priced at £1, has a variety of arcade and card games that you can choose from, each with varying prize amounts. You can try out a game first before proceeding to the actual session, but to ensure that all people playing in their website is over 16 years old, you would be required to log in to your account even for the trial version.


As previously mentioned, Health Lottery allows you to purchase tickets up to eight weeks in advance – a feature forgetful players will no doubt appreciate. You can also play your favorite (and hopefully lucky) numbers every week via the PlayCard option. Or, if you would rather have random numbers selected for the game, you can avail of a Quick Pick ticket for the same price.

The Jackpot

One of the drawbacks of not featuring national lotteries is that jackpots are less likely to be as astronomical as, say, Euromillions’ jackpots. In fact, Health Lottery’s cash prize maxes out at  £100,000. So, even if a whole lot of people purchased tickets and the total computation turns out to be more than Health Lottery’s jackpot, the maximum prize that you will receive will always be £100,000. It even gets more frustrating in cases where multiple players are declared winners since the prize will be divided accordingly. It would have been more exciting if they raise this cap, or even do without it completely.

Collecting Your Prize

Winnings under £10,000 will be deposited directly to your online player account, while payouts which are equal or greater this amount would need coordination with their team to verify the identity of the player. This means you would have to call their helpline for them to be able to make the proper arrangements in collecting your prize. They will also be more than happy to assist you with any additional concerns and questions.

Play and be Part of the Promos

Every once in a while, the Health Lottery sets up promotions tied with ticket purchases to bring more spice to the games. Past promos involved getting bonuses for new players, additional raffle prizes for placing a bet on specific days, holidays raffles, and many, many more.

Joining these promos does not involve any tedious signing up process- some are already incorporated when you make an account in the website, while some are automatically included when you purchase tickets.

Be sure to check out their Promotions page to learn more about their current promos, and who knows, you might just be lucky enough to hit two birds with one stone.

Customer Support

The Health Lottery has a helpful FAQ section where you can learn everything about their games and processes. You can also reach their customer support team via phone call or email; their average response time is within 24 hours, so you can expect your query or concern to be addressed at the soonest possible time.

Health Lottery Review 2020 – Conclusion

The Health Lottery is an exciting lottery website for players located in Great Britain. They present simple lottery game mechanics while offering a whole boatload of fun and exciting sessions with their Instant Games. It is almost too bad that they can only accommodate locals of the country, especially since there are a variety of ways to win prizes. Players looking for national lotteries, however, may want to look elsewhere. But if you are living in Great Britain and would like to try your luck, you may want to check out the Health Lottery today – especially since they donate a portion of their income to local health-related organizations, making each bet a contribution for a good cause.

What's the Verdict on Health Lottery?

Worth It, Some Issues