Express Checkout

Choosing a number combination for a lottery ticket can take time, so choosing combinations for multiple tickets can take even longer. Luckily, Lottery Office offers Express Checkout, a fast and easy way to get from choosing your numbers for multiple tickets to paying for them in a matter of seconds. This is great for those who are in a hurry and do not really have preferred combinations in mind.

It works by automating the number selection for any lottery ticket that you purchase so you are given random combinations, whether it is a 4-digit or 6-digit game. Just choose the lottery game you want to play, the number of cards you want to purchase and the system will automatically fill each card with a random number combination. For those that want a more personalized combination then you can easily edit and change one or all the numbers for each randomly generated ticket to suit your preferences. You can also go ahead and choose manually for each lottery ticket should you want to.

After you have done this process, you can easily check-out and pay for your purchases with using the credits on your Lottery Office account.


While other lotto websites provide more games, you only get 6 to choose from with Lottery Office. These include the Euro Millions, UK National Lotto, Australian Saturday Lotto, Australian OZ Lotto, Australian Powerball, and the Australian Monday & Wednesday lotto. Notice that these lotteries hail from Australia and Europe, so if you want to participate in other lotteries not from these countries, then you would be better off elsewhere.


The chances of winning a lottery with a single set of numbers is very, very slim so betting on multiple combinations does increase your chances. The problem with this is it usually means spending more money. Lottery Office offers one way around that with Lottery Syndicates. These allow you to pool your tickets along with other players in order to raise your chances of winning. So there could be 5 people sharing the cost of a ticket so you can bet on 5 combinations even if you just spend the amount for one. This also means sharing the winning equally with the other poolers.


In terms of prices, it works just like any other lotto site. This means different lottery game tickets on Lottery Office have different prices, but paying for them means you would first have to create a free account and load credits to it. This can be done by using your Visa or MasterCard details or deposits via Neteller and Skrill. The minimum deposit amount is $5 USD and Lottery Office does not charge any fee for deposits made to your account so you get exactly how much you put in.

To give you an idea how much tickets costs, here are some of the lottery games you can play with Lottery Office:

  • Australian Saturday Lotto: $1.75 per line, with a minimum of 4 lines.
  • UK National Lotto: $5.10 per line, with a minimum of 2 lines.
  • Euro Millions: $8.70 per line, with a minimum of 1 line.
  • Australian Powerball: $2.55 per line, with a minimum of 4 lines.


Lottery Office’s numerous promotions and bonuses provide a lot of benefits. For instance, if 5 of your referred friends make a purchase, you will get $100, which you can use to purchase tickets for a chance to win millions. Meanwhile, newcomers can get a 100% refund upon first purchase, and those who use their winnings to purchase more tickets receive a 100% bonus. Currently, the website is also offering players the chance to win a trip for two to Australia – complete with business class flights and a 6-day stay at a 5-star hotel.

Customer Support

Lottery Office offers a helpful FAQ section and How To section on their website to help players learn the basics of using their services. You can read about the different features they have and get answers to most basic questions and concerns. They also offer a 24/7 live chat feature to easily connect to their support representatives. Other means of connecting to customer support are their email support and mailing address.

Lottery Office Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are looking for an easy way to play some of the biggest lottery games in Australia and the UK then Lottery Office is the way to go. They offer an easy way for you to purchase as many tickets as you want for various lottery games. They also have bonuses, referral programs and other bonuses to help you cut down on your costs. Sadly, their lottery offerings are quite limited and subscription options are nowhere to be found. Still, Lottery Office is great for those looking to play in Australian and European lotteries. Plus, their numerous bonuses and promotions are really great.

What's the Verdict on Lottery Office?

Worth It, Some Issues