Lottery Heroes currently offer a satisfying amount of 21 lotteries which is up to par with the competition. Among them are all the big ones from the USA like the PowerBall, Mega Millions and more. The lineup as also a very strong presence from European brands like EuroJackpot, Euro Millions among others. Given the amount of options to choose from a player should feel at home from the first moment on wards.

Syndicates combos etc.

Let’s start off by explaining what are syndicates and combos and why do you even need to consider playing those methods.

  1. Syndicate allows a player to choose hundreds of multiple number combinations without actually buying all the lottery tickets on his own. A syndicate is a ticket owned by a group of players with each players owning a part of the ticket. The lottery winning naturally dived between the owners according to the ownership ratio. This option allows the player to spread is risk between multiple tickets at any given time and be a part of a like minded players team aiming for the thrill of catching the allusive jackpot.
  2. Combos allow a combination of syndicates and lets the player increase the probability of winning even further. The combo option is combining multiple lotteries from all over the place and gives the syndication option at each one of them. One would find the combo option very appealing at times where the jackpots are huge around the world and the player wants to have a taste from the entire world.

LotteryHeroes provide both of the above options and do so in a very stylish user interface that would surely get any experienced lottery player excited and ready to go.

Side Games

While other operators offer a more abundant selection of extra options to try your luck with, Lottery Heroes offer Scratch cards as a side game exclusively. The Scratch cards selection provide the customer with a very casual option to spend an amount ranging from a quarter ($0.25) up to $5, at these small amounts there is a variety of winning options and jackpots that require a much more modest stroke of luck than an actual lottery jackpot winning but would surely make ones smile to shine bright and bring light to the less fortunate human beings. How does it work you ask? Well than, scratch cards are virtual cards with hidden symbols on them. In order to reveal different prize symbols the user has to scratch the cards. Three identical symbols in the majority of cases are the sign that you won something with that card. If you would like to read more about scratch card and is it possible to get rich playing them please read our article on the subject Are scratch cards worth it?

Payment methods review

Being the new boy on the block LotteryHeroes provide the very basic payment method options and therefore aim for the more of an average Joe out there with this quote taken from their FAQ: “At LotteryHeroes you may use your Credit or Debit card to make an online deposit.  We accept Visa and MasterCard Credit and Debit cards.” Working closely with LotteryHeores marketing, Comparakeet’s team would follow up once new payment options are available.

What is needed to open an account

In order to play with LotteryHeros one needs to go through a fairly easy signup process, the plot get thicken once a withdrawal is requested. In order to do so the account has to be verified to ensure that the identity and address are valid, make sure you have all the documents, playing is fun and great but you need to make sure that you would be able to withdraw the winnings.

To smoothen the payment process of future winning LotteryHeroes require the following documents:

  1. Photo identification – Driving license, Passport, National ID or a Citizenship card.
  2. Proof of address – Document addressed to you recently, bank statement, utility invoice or bill, etc.

All the uploaded documents are kept encrypted behind a firewall to ensure the information stays private. Once the verification process is done a confirmation email would be received at the user’s mailbox.



LotteryHeroes is a new brand worth testing. The fact that it’s a gaming product has its pros and cons but it is definitely worth checking to experience the immediateness and directness of the user experience. Does it allow international lottery play? Not really, the limited available locations are currently one of the biggest downsides and we are all waiting to see how it would evolve, if you reside in one of the participating countries we are confident that you should give it a go.

What's the Verdict on LotteryHeroes?

Worth It, Some Issues