LottoDay does a lot of things right, but works basically the same as any other online lottery website – meaning there isn’t much that is new here. So if you have experience using an online lottery site, you will definitely feel right at home.

For starters, they have a collection of over 20 different lottery games, some of which are the usual suspects. SuperEnaLotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euro Millions, Euro Jackpot, and UK Euro Millions, can all be found in other lottery sites. But then LottoDay throws a curveball and offers quite a handful of games that aren’t usually featured by many websites, such as: OZ Lotto, MegaSena, SuperLoto, El Gordo, Irish Lotto, NY Lottery, National Lottery, FranceLotto, Hot Lotto, UK Thunderball, Florida Lottery, 649 Lotto, and Hoosier Lottery.

Playing Lotteries

Beyond that, playing the games are pretty much the same as any online lottery. If you are new, then you’ll find the process as easy as pie. First, you pick a game you are interested in by clicking on the green “Play” button. Doing so will take you to that game’s page, where you pick out your lottery numbers and play the traditional way. You can do this by manually clicking on the numbers, or clicking on the “Auto Pick” button. As implied by its name, Auto Pick will randomly choose your numbers for you – as many times as you like until you are satisfied with the numbers it chooses. Alternatively, you can also choose to play via Syndicates. For the uninitiated, this is a group-play type of game, where you and other players pool your entries for a bigger shot at the prize. Of course, this also means that the prize won by a syndicate is equally shared among the participants.

Next, you need to select the number of draws you wish to participate in. You can choose to just participate in 1 draw, but choosing more offers two benefits. One, by choosing to participate in multiple draws, you won’t have to manually join again when the next draw begins. Two, you get discounts! 2 draws will give you 5% off, 4 draws offer 10% off, and 8 draws give a nice 15% discount. You can also choose to subscribe so you can participate in all draws, and get a 20% discount. You can also cancel a subscription at any time, should you wish. Finally, all you need to do now is to purchase your tickets. Technically, LottoDay will do this for you (i.e. purchase the actual tickets) but it is yours through and through when you click the buy button. And you can even print out the ticket scan yourself if you want.


When you win a lottery, LottoDay will notify you via email within 24 hours of the publication of the official results, and then credit the winnings to your account accordingly – meaning the proper tax amount has been deducted. If your winnings go over $500,000, the team at LottoDay will contact you personally via phone to give you the details for claiming your prize. Take note that they will not credit winnings like this to your account – you have to claim it yourself. Unfortunately, this means that you would have to travel to the country where the lottery game you won at originates. But what is a plane ticket when more than half a million dollars is up for grabs, right?

Customer Support

LottoDay’s customer service is excellent. They offer 24/7 phone lines, online chat, direct email support, and an informative FAQ. A representative will also call you 30 minutes after you buy your ticket to ask if you need further help – or even explain the odds of winning, how group play works, and other important details. Other online lottery sites never do this, so hats off to LottoDay for taking customer service a step further.

LottoDay Review 2020 – Conclusion

All in all, LottoDay is a pretty solid online lottery site. Aside from a handful lotto games that other websites do not feature, there isn’t really anything new on offer here. But that isn’t a knock on LottoDay – don’t fix what isn’t broken, right? You get 20 lottery games from all over, the option to play Syndicates for better chances of winning, discounts, and fantastic customer service. The only things that can be considered negatives here are, unsurprisingly, shared by most online lottery sites: tax deductions on winnings and the fact that you have to do a bit of travelling to claim large winnings. Other than that, this one manages to hit all the right spots.

What's the Verdict on LottoDay?

A Must Try