How Lottoz Works

Setting Up an Account

Going through the registration process was a breeze—it didn’t take more than 5 minutes of my time.

Here’s how:

  1. Click on the “Join” link found on the top-right corner of Lottoz’s website.
  2. Complete the registration form by providing your details (email, password, first and last names, date of birth, country, and address).
  3. Make sure to set your daily deposit limit as well before proceeding.
  4. Click on the green “Create an Account” button when you are done.
  5. Start playing!


As I’ve mentioned earlier, with Lottoz, playing online lottery is easy and straightforward.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Lottoz account.
  2. Choose the lottery/lotteries you want to bet on.
  3. Decide how many lines you want to play.
  4. For each line, pick your lucky numbers. You can do this manually or use the fun and easy Quick Pick option for an automated choice.
  5. Click on the green “Add to Cart” button if you’re done choosing your numbers.
  6. In the cart, you can select how many draws of a specific lottery you want to participate in. You can also add more lines if you want.
  7. Click on the green “Proceed to Secure Checkout” page to complete your purchase.
  8. Wait to see if you win!

It’s also important to note that, when picking your numbers, you can also save them as part of your Lucky Numbers. Simply click on the heart icon after choosing the numbers to save them. Doing so will allow you to play them automatically in future games.


FAQs don’t readily provide in-depth information about what happens if you win, but it’s there if you dig deep.

You’ll have to look up this info in the company’s Terms & Conditions.

The prize claiming process works, on the whole, exactly the same as it does in other sites. That is, if you win, Lottoz will claim the prize on your behalf and deposit it to your account. In some cases—like if you win jackpots—some lottery operators will require you to claim the prizes yourself and in person.

The one thing that’s different though is how notifications work. Most lottery sites send you notifications directly to your email or by calling you if you win the jackpot, but, according to their Terms & Conditions, Lottoz limits notifications to user accounts. They do say that if you win the jackpot they will contact your personally. It’s not a big deal though.

Deposit and Withdrawal with Lottoz

Lottoz’s banking methods are quite standard. There’s also some interesting tidbits about their withdrawal process that you should take note of.

Currently, Lottoz accepts all the main payments credit and debit cards. Few more alternative payment methods are in the works like Skrill and others. Withdrawal methods, meanwhile, depend on which deposit method you use. So, if you, say, used Visa to pay for the tickets, cashouts are restricted to that payment option.

Speaking of cashouts, Lottoz imposes a minimum withdrawal amount of €20 (or whatever the equivalent is in another currency). You can request for a withdrawal at any time, but payments aren’t guaranteed to be instantaneous. They are, however, guaranteed to arrive within 10 business days of your original request.

Here’s a bit of good news: Lottoz does not charge commissions from your winnings—which is great. However, there’s a small catch: there’s a possibility that you may incur extra charges if you choose to convert your winnings to another currency. For me, it’s not a big deal.

16 Lottery Games Offered

Regular Lottery Games

Lottoz has a decent game collection—but since it is a new brand, other game types are currently only in development.

Lottoz offers 14 games which are quite good. They have popular mega lotteries like SuperEnalotto, US Powerball and Mega Millions, for example. Check out all the lotteries they have on tap below:

Lottery Games

  • US Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • Euromillions AT
  • SuperEnalotto
  • EuroJackpot
  • Mega-Sena
  • La Primitiva
  • El Gordo
  • France Lotto
  • Irish Lottery
  • Oz Lotto
  • Lotto Poland
  • Bonolotto
  • Oz Powerball

For most players, Lottoz’s game selection should be more than enough. While Lottoz does not have any group play games (aka syndicates), nor does it offer raffles, instant win games, or virtual scratch cards, one should remember that it’s still very early into the life of the company. If you’re the type of player that likes to play in more than just single play games, you might want to wait for them to increase and diversify their offerings.

Is Lottoz Safe?

Yes—it’s safe to play lottery at Lottoz.

Lottoz is fully licensed and regulated by the UK gambling commission. It clearly says so on the website, their license number is stated and there is even a link to their account details on the commission’s website. The company itself is registered in Malta (a country where a lot of online lotteries are registered).

Lottoz utilizes Norton SSL encryption to protect data going to and from their website. Plus, Norton is a trusted cyber security company so you know you are in good hands. For the most part, it looks like Lottoz has got security covered.

Lottoz’s Customer Service

While Lottoz’s customer support options aren’t exactly terrible, it feels lacking.

Their FAQ section is the best example of this. While it manages to explain the basics, like who can bet or how to bet, it doesn’t really give in-depth information on more crucial aspects of the service.

If you want to get in touch with them, you can call them, contact them via email, online contact form or through their social media pages. Their website, meanwhile, claims they offer live chat support. However, as of this writing, it doesn’t seem to be operational yet.

Lottoz’s Additional Features

Lottery Education Materials and Blog

What Lottoz does get right is providing in-depth information about each of the lottery games they offer.

Their lottery education materials don’t include a lottery glossary, but they do get the core stuff right. Each lottery game page, for instance, explains what each lottery game is and how it functions—which is pretty standard stuff. What’s impressive is the inclusion of good-to-know statistics, like hot and cold numbers, how much the jackpot has grown since the last draw, news and more.

Lottoz also boasts a section called “Lottozone” that has a very cool blog featuring interesting, funny, informative and or helpful stories. A great blog is always a bonus since it serves as an added value to the client that may have just wanted to place a bet, but ended up enjoying some pretty engaging reading materials.

Ease of Use

Lottoz’ website is, for the most part, easy to use.

Again, they don’t really stray far from the norm—so if you’ve played in an online lottery site before, chances are you’ll immediately feel familiar here. The design is simplistic yet eye-catching, and the layout makes sense. The only thing I didn’t like was that you could only choose how many draws you wanted to participate in during the checkout process and not before. It’s a pretty small gripe though.

Responsible Gaming

It’s laudable that Lottoz encourages players to play responsibly.

Not only do they require you to set a daily deposit limit upon registration, Lottoz also dedicates an entire section on responsible gaming. You can take a self-assessment test there to see if you need help, for example.

Lottoz also provides tools that let you take a break from playing the lottery if you think you’re starting to get addicted. You can go on a self-imposed break for at least 24 hours or as much as 6 weeks. If you feel that you need a longer break, Lottoz also allows you to undergo a self-exclusion period for at least 6 months and as much as 5 years.

Bottom Line – Should You Use Lottoz?

Lottoz is worth checking out, and while some aspects need some polishing, it might just be a diamond in the rough

As I’ve said before, Lottoz is fairly new to the industry, which could be the reason why some features are currently limited. Still, you’re looking at an easy-to-use, fun lottery site where you can bet on 14 games from around the world. If you’re looking for a straightforward lottery experience, this is a good place to start. However, if you want more than just single play games—or if you are using alternative payment methods, I suggest you wait and see if the service adds more features as it matures.

About the Company

Lottoz UK is a new lottery platform that allows you to participate in a wide range of lottery games from all over the globe by betting on their results. They are owned and operated by Morpheus Game UK, a company based in Malta.