Pricing and Features

OneLotto opens up a whole boatload of international lottery games for users to choose from; these include UK Euromillions, Irish Euromillions, US Powerball, US Mega Millions, EuroJackpot, Greek Joker, and many, many more. Ticket prices vary depending on the game that you want to play for and you can even set the currency to US Dollars, British Pounds, or Euros,. Take note that these are also the accepted payment currencies by the website. Another plus is that you can purchase tickets for weeks in advance by choosing your playing weeks in the specific lottery game’s play page. Also, there are no minimum lines required to play the lottery games, so you can place bets as few or as many as you like.

You can also manually select numbers from 1 to 50 at each of the lottery game’s play page, or, if you would rather have them randomized, you can use the Lucky Pick button and have their generator choose numbers for you. Results are published on the website 3 hours after the official draw has taken place — you can check out the Results page for this information. Do take note that the orders in which numbers are drawn are not important; as long as you match them, you win the game.

OneLotto automatically scans tickets for the winning combination, and an email confirmation will be sent to each winner. All winnings and payouts are then deposited into each player’s account wallet, where you can withdraw your funds into the payment method that you chose. For jackpot and 2nd tier winners, their team will immediately be in touch to give the instructions and procedures on the claiming process. OneLotto does not share any commissions on the payout regardless of the amount won.

The More the Merrier

If you haven’t heard of syndicate play yet, it is when players form a team and pool their resources together to buy more tickets and share the winnings amongst each member should they be lucky to match the game numbers. The logic behind this is that purchasing more tickets paves the way to a higher chance of winning. OneLotto offers a separate section for this kind of play through Syndicate Game, where a fixed number of shares can be bought for a fixed price. You can have as many shares as you like as long as it is available and within the set shares of the game. Winnings will be computed and divided based on the share value, and just like their regular game payout, will automatically be credited to your account.

Customer Support

If you have questions about OneLotto’s services and procedures, you can take a quick look at their FAQ page. It contains enough information about registration, playing procedures, payments, results and notifications, and winnings and withdrawals to answer some of the more common queries. Should you feel the need to contact their support team, you can initiate a live chat session, send them an email, or call them via their 24/7 hotline. They also have social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google+ where you can find the latest information and offers.

OneLotto Review 2019 – Conclusion

OneLotto paves the way for lottery players to join games in the international setting, with the convenience of having users’ winnings automatically credited to their online account with easy transfer and withdrawal procedures. They also provide a superb customer service experience for any questions and clarifications with their 24/7 hotline. Those without any of the accepted payment methods would be better off elsewhere, while those who aren’t fluent in English or Chinese may struggle navigating the site. Still, despite the shortcomings, OneLotto remains a solid online lottery site.

What's the Verdict on OneLotto?

A Must Try