Online Lottery Agents: What Are They and Why Go For It?

Lottery Agents

Online lotteries, for the most part, are quite simple, but for newcomers, certain terminologies can be headscratchers. Case in point: online lottery agents. At first glance, it seems pretty cut and dry. Agents are middlemen, ergo online lottery agents must be, too, right?

Well, yes – but that’s a bit of an oversimplification.

As we have discussed before, there are two types of online lotteries: sites that allow you to bet on official lotteries, and sites that purchase tickets on your behalf. The latter is what is commonly known as an online lottery agent, and is the one that serious lottery players should consider among the two.

So, what makes it better than the alternative?

Lottery Agents vs. Non-Lottery Agents

When you play a lottery game on a website that isn’t a lottery agent, you are not officially participating in any of the lotteries they offer. Instead, what you are doing is betting on the outcome. This means that, should your numbers win, the official winner of the lottery isn’t you – though you still win money because you guessed the winning numbers correctly. Lottery agents, meanwhile, go out and purchase tickets from the lotteries themselves. This means you receive the official prize should your numbers win.

Lottery Agents vs Non-Lottery Agents

Both approaches to online lottery each come with unique problems, but, as you can imagine, lottery agents are preferable because they actually enter you into the official games. With the alternative, you would have to trust the lottery site itself to award you the prize.

Typically, legitimate ones pay high insurance fees to ensure that they can pay back players – especially when the amount is large. That said, this approach to online lottery still carries with it some huge risks. Then there is also the fact that you are essentially paying more because they don’t actually use the money to buy tickets.

To be fair, lottery agents do raise the price of tickets or take commissions from your winnings to make money. That said, these compromises are a bit easier to swallow, especially when you take into account the effort each lottery agent makes to purchase official tickets on players’ behalves.

To Scan or Not To Scan

Beyond that, one of the more common issues unique to lottery agents is that some sites don’t scan tickets at all. Most lottery agent companies would tell you that you own every ticket you purchase through them, but some fail to provide proof that there was, indeed, an actual ticket purchased. Scanning tickets is important as this ensures that the transaction was legitimate.

Lottery Ticket Scan

In other words, it is best to go with one that scans tickets and sends the copy to players for proof. There are a lot of sites that do this, like The Lotter or LottoKings, so you are never lacking for choices. Of course, there are other lottery agents that have good payout records despite not scanning tickets. However, the added peace of mind that scanning provides does go a long way – especially when sites also keep the original tickets under lock and key in a safe.

Lottery Agents to Avoid

Sites that don’t scan tickets may not be preferable to ones that do, but there is no denying that some provide a good online lottery experience. On the other hand, there are lottery agents that are more trouble than they are worth. For instance, there are some sites that claim they will pay jackpots in an annuity. This means that you would be receiving your prize slowly and in batches. In other words, they will hang on to your prize as long as they can while your share is essentially drip-fed to your account.

Lottery Agents to Avoid

Sneaky lottery sites abound – read the fine print and avoid them!

Some sneaky lottery agents also trick you into accepting recurring subscriptions. They accomplish this by tacking on free tickets with other offers to distract you from reading the fine print. The next thing you know, you are being charged for tickets you never agreed to buying in the first place.

Speaking of charges, stay clear from lottery agents that don’t clearly publish prices and other charges. Some will have vague descriptions that tell you that your “winnings will be deposited to your account, minus transfer fees and other charges.” Notice how “other charges” is not clearly defined? This could pave the way for all sorts of charges thrown your way, and there isn’t much you can do since, technically, they did warn you of “other charges.”

Lottery Agents: Worth It?

That said, sites like these are far from the norm. Sure, there are lots of sketchy lottery agents out there, but there are also tons of legitimate ones, too. It should go without saying that you shouldn’t let a few bad eggs ruin the experience for you. In the end, you just have to do your homework and see which lottery agents are worth your time and which aren’t. Besides, would you rather bet on outcomes only, or be an official lottery winner?