Lottery Site Showdown: theLotter vs. WinTrillions

theLotter vs WinTrillions

theLotter and WinTrillions are two of the best lottery sites in the industry, and for good reason. Both offer large game selections, accept tons of different payment methods, and are just generally easy to use. It also doesn’t hurt that both have good reputations. But, who is better? Let’s find out!

Game Selections

Both theLotter and WinTrillions offers players various choices when it comes to lottery games, but each approaches their game offerings differently. The former, for instance, focuses more on providing tons of regular lottery game options, while the latter seems to have no problem branching out and offering a variety of game types. Check out the table below:

Regular Lotteries51


Millionaire Raffles19
Raffle Syndicates04
Scratch Cards09

As you can see, theLotter has WinTrillions beat as far as regular lottery games and syndicates go. However, WinTrillions has the edge when it comes to variety. If you want to play more than one millionaire raffle, plus, a variety of raffle syndicates or scratch cards, they are definitely the place to be. But, if you don’t care for any of the other game types, theLotter and its huge selection is definitely the superior choice.

Draw Options

Here’s where WinTrillions stumbles. They only allow you to purchase entries for multiple draws – single draw options are nowhere in sight. Some people might not see this as an issue, but some players just want to take a lottery game out for a test drive without committing to several draws at once. Multiple draws also raise your initial investment, so those who have only a few bucks to spare per draw will definitely not like WinTrillions lack of single draw options. theLotter, on the other hand, allows you to purchase tickets for single draws, if you want.

Ticket Prices

theLotter Price

theLotter’s and WinTrillions’ ticket prices are quite expensive – for different reasons. theLotter’s tickets cost a bit more than usual because of the handling feels they tack on. WinTrillions’ prices, on the other hand, cost at least $30 per purchase because they only allow multiple draw purchases. This inflates the prices – sometimes to ridiculous levels.

WinTrillions Ticket Price

WinTrillions’ price for a 3-line Powerball entry.

You could argue that it is justified, but the fact that they don’t allow single draw purchases doesn’t help their case. It also doesn’t help that the least number of consecutive draws you are allowed to purchase is 4. They both have expensive tickets though, but theLotter wins in this case because you aren’t forced to spend for at least 4 consecutive draws. What’s more, theLotter also allows you to purchase lottery bundles – basically a discounted package that includes entries to both regular lottery games and syndicates. WinTrillions, on the other hand, does not offer this option.

Mobile Apps

Both theLotter and WinTrillions offer mobile apps that offer the full online lottery experience right on your mobile device. Their apps offer access to all their lottery games, as well as the ability to purchase and view tickets right on the app. You can also check results or get win notifications directly. WinTrillions only offers their app for Apple device users only though, while theLotter caters to both iOS and Android crowds.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

As far as banking methods go, it’s a pretty tight race between theLotter and WinTrillions. The former accepts 30 payment methods, while the latter accepts 32. Both offer popular payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, and NETeller. WinTrillions accept Bitcoin payments though, which theLotter does not. It doesn’t make much of a difference, honestly.

theLotter Deposit Information

theLotter provides more in-depth information for each of their payment options.The one thing that theLotter does better than WinTrillions though is how detailed their information on banking methods are. On top of a full rundown of the different deposit and withdrawal methods they accept, they also provide in-depth details for each (including minimum and maximum deposit/withdrawals). WinTrillions, on the other hand, only tells you which deposit methods they accept – nothing more.

Security Measures

It’s a tie between theLotter and WinTrillions as far as security goes. The former employs 128-bit SSL encryption via GeoTrust, while WinTrillions utilizes 256-bit GoDaddy SSL. Both also adhere to strict anti-spam regulations to give players further protection.

Ease of Use

Again, it’s a pretty close race between the two when it comes to the overall user-friendliness of their respective services. Their websites, for starters, are simple and very easy to grasp – even for newcomers. It also helps that each supports multiple languages, so people from different countries can easily use the language they are most comfortable with. Given, of course, that the websites offer the language in question.

theLotter supports a total of 15 languages, while WinTrillions supports 11. Check out the quick comparison table below for your reference.


Lottery Education

Both lottery sites offer excellent education materials. Each of their game pages provide sufficient information on the lottery in question: from quick How-To’s to odds of winning and more. Their FAQs are also quite comprehensive, which makes it easier for both newcomers and veterans alike to understand how their services work.

The Bottom Line –  Which is Better?

Overall, it’s a pretty close race. Both offer lots of games, accepts tons of payment methods and provides an overall excellent online lottery experience. That said, theLotter still manages to come out on top. Despite only offering 1 millionaire raffle and no scratch cards, the 51 regular lottery games and 23 syndicates should be more than enough for most players. Those are the most important games when it comes to lotteries, after all.

Plus, they offer flexibility when it comes to draw options, which makes them the more practical choice  especially for the budget-conscious player. theLotter also has the edge when it comes to on-the-go play as they have apps for both iOS and Android devices. Make no mistake – WinTrillions is a great choice, but theLotter is definitely the better of the two.

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