Build Your Credit Score

Not only does NetCredit help you get a loan with a not so good credit score, once you are approved, every payment that you make goes into improving that score. This means, if you maintain a good record with NetCredit, you might be approved for a higher loan with them, or even with other lending institutions. This is because NetCredit reports all payment activities for instalments due to TransUnion and Experian which are two major credit bureaus. This also means that late payments or defaults could hurt your credit score as well, so it is best to maintain a good record.

Loan Rates and Terms

NetCredit does not offer uniform rates and terms to their customers as these would vary depending on your location, loan amount and qualifications. You would not be able to know the rate you are qualified for until you apply — these and other things you can check on NetCredit’s website. The minimum and maximum loan amount and loan term are indicated on their website, though it varies for each of their 13 locations. You would just have to check the amount and term of the location you are in on their website to know how much you can borrow and for how long.


Alabama – Loan Amount: $2,100 – 10,000

Loan Term: 6mos – 5 years

California – Loan Amount: $2,600 – 10,000

Loan Term: 6mos – 4 years

Customer Support

NetCredit’s customer support operates during a fixed schedule, which is 8am-8pm Central on weekdays and 9am-5:30pm on weekends. During those hours, you can call, fax and email NetCredit with your questions and concerns. They provide specific telephone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses for customers to contact for general concerns, loan processing or even collections concerns. The company even posted their mailing address for those that prefer to mail in concerns.

What's the Verdict on NetCredit?

A Must Try

NetCredit Review 2020 – Conclusion

Even if their services are limited to only 13 states, NetCredit is still a top notch personal loan provider. Their quick and easy loan application makes it hassle-free for individuals to get a loan which is good in cases of emergencies. The loan amount may also be limited to only $10,000 so NetCredit is not for those that require very large amounts of money. Loan terms and payments are very transparent and everything is presented to you before you sign the agreement so you know exactly what you are getting into. So if there is an emergency, or if you need some quick cash, apply for a loan with NetCredit today.