Loan Prepayment

The cost of a loan is usually greater the longer the loan term is, so it is better to pay loans as quickly as possible to lessen the total cost you would incur. However, there are loan companies that discourage you from paying your loan in advance as they charge certain fees for prepayment. This is not the case with OneMain Financial as they do not charge anything for prepayment, so you can pay-off your loan as soon as you want. They also offer a 14 day guarantee in which you can cancel your loan and return the proceeds with no additional charges or fees within the first 14 days of approval.

Loan Rates and Application

There are no fixed rates for the loans as they vary depending on the location, and qualifications of the borrower. However, OneMain Financial can help you get a loan that works within your budget and can still get you the money you need. Here is how it all works with this company.

  • Apply for a loan online with OneMain Financial, it is very quick and simple.
  • Get instant on-screen preliminary status about the loan.
  • Receive a call from a local branch to talk about the loan options.
  • Finalize the loan and get the proceeds.

Once you have been contacted by the representative, you can begin to discuss the loan amount and terms that you can avail of so that you can get a rate that works for you. Keep in mind however that this is all subject for approval depending on your qualifications so you would not always get exactly what you want.

Customer Support

OneMain Financial offers great customer support options with 24/7 customer support. You can call their hotline number at any time of any day and speak with a live representative. You can also go directly to a local branch near your area if one is available. OneMain Financial also offers a FAQ section where you can get answers to most of the common questions that a customer might have. They also have a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to help connect with more people. You can also send them a letter for general concerns or comments as they also provide their mailing address.

What's the Verdict on OneMain Financial?

A Must Have

OneMain Financial Review 2020 – Conclusion

OneMain Financial offers a great service providing both secured and unsecured loans to meet different customer needs and qualifications. Those that do not have collateral can still apply for a loan and those that do can avail of lower rates with their car or home as collateral for their loan. What is great about them is that they do not charge any fees for prepayment and even offer a 14 day guarantee where you can return the money and cancel your loan with no added cost. So check out OneMain Financial today and find a solution for your immediate monetary problems.