Google has implemented a policy that hides all organic search traffic in 2011 and has hidden an average of 84% of the total traffic. This presents an obstacle for marketers and site owners to understand how their sites are performing in Google due to the lack of keyword visit numbers and conversions.

Authoritas has provided a way for users to regain the lost data through a proprietary algorithm they call IntelliTraffic. The algorithm was designed to provide the most complete solution possible as it is able to include every piece of data available. The algorithm will then work out the best way to estimate keyword visit data based on different variables like data range, territory, keyword history and others.

The data that IntelliTraffic gathers can help users understand and measure how keywords are performing on Google with more accuracy, the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns, international organic traffic and rankings, and content marketing activities. It also allows you to learn which pages bring the most organic traffic. It is available by default on the Large Agency and Enterprise Package and is an optional add-on for smaller packages.

Pricing and Features

Authoritas offers a limited feature trial of their platform. With this free trial, you will have access to a technical site audit, keyword rankings, an analysis of your competitors and backlinks, page optimization, project management, content marketing, reports, and multiple site management.

If you are impressed with what they have to offer, you can check out their Tier 1 plan, which costs £599 a month. Aside from the previously mentioned features, this one also adds optional features, like API access, IntelliTraffic, advanced analytics, and full link data.

Should you need bigger features, like enterprise SLAs and market share reports, you can avail of the Tier 2 package, which costs £699 a month. You can also request for a demo of the paid packages, you just need to enter some personal and company information and you are set.

In terms of notable features, Authoritas offers quite a bit for users to chew on. For starters, their platform is rather easy to digest as it allows you to see at a glance which links are performing well. It even allows you keep track of your competitor’s link profiles. This also allows you to see key data regarding all of your pages so you can prioritize certain issues in a bid to optimize every key page.

With Authoritas, you also get professional looking reports that are automatically generated for you. You can even customize them and brand them for a more personalized feel. Even better, you can download these reports whenever you need them, or schedule them to email you automatically.

These features are but the tip of the iceberg; you can check out the other features of Authoritas subscriptions on their website or by contacting their customer support representatives.

Customer Support

As mentioned earlier, users can access various learning materials like articles and tutorial videos to help with the basics of using Authoritas features and functions. They also provide a downloadable user manual to provide more in depth instructions and information. To get in touch with customer support representatives, users can fill out an online form on their website and wait for a reply. They can also call one of the different hotline numbers offered (US, UK or France) or even shoot them an email. The company has also provided its US mailing address for mail in concerns and social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

What's the Verdict on Authoritas?

Worth It, Some Issues

Authoritas Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are looking for way to improve your online marketing campaigns to benefit your business, then you would do well to employ the services of Authoritas. They offer excellent features such as site auditing, competitive analysis, page optimization, SEO reports and a whole lot more. Pricing may be on the expensive side so smaller businesses may not find it to be the best option to work with, given a small budget. Large businesses and those that can afford to use this service, on the other hand, are sure to benefit greatly. Check out the free demo of Authoritas to see just what to expect from their platform, so schedule yours today.