Integrated Accounting Software

Aside from providing a good basic product, LessAccounting is also provides integrations with other financial institutions to lessen the data entry that you need to do for transactions saving you precious time because as any business owner knows, time is money. As such, you can connect your LessAccounting to banks and credit cards such as Bank of America, PayPal, Chase, Capital One, Wells Fargo, Discover Card and many more.

There are also integrated softwares that offer the power and services of those software through your LessAccounting account. Improve the turnaround time of payments by chasing down receivables with InvoiceSherpa to make sure you get paid on time. Use ZenCash to send out invoice reminders, place reminder phone calls, and send thank you notes upon receipt of payment. Track leads, contacts, deals and other potential clients with Highrise. Integrate and get paid with PayPal for faster transaction and import the transaction history right onto LessAccounting. There are many other third party applications that you can use that you can check out on the LessAccounting website.

LessAccounting Subscription Plans

The subscription to LessAccounting depends on how much you or your businesses spends on a monthly basis. For those that spend less than $10,000 a month, you can get the Freelancers plan at $20 monthly cost. Those that spend less than $25,000 a month can get the Small Business Plan for $36 monthly cost. The bigger businesses that spend less than $40,000 a month can get the Big Businesses plan at $54 a month.

Hire real life human bookkeepers to either setup your books or take over completely. This way, you can spend more time actually running the business rather than slaving away trying to get your books in order. LessAccounting’s bookkeepers can work with you or your existing accountant depending on your preference. Majority of communication is done paperless through email exchanges with Skype calls for meetings. LessAccounting offers tiered pricing depending on how much your monthly expenses amount to, and here is a breakdown of the cost of this service.

    • Under $2,000 expenses a month: $70 monthly fee
    • Under $10,000 expenses a month: $125 monthly fee
    • Under $25,000 expenses a month: $250 monthly fee
    • Under $40,000 expenses a month: $350 monthly fee

If your business expenses are over $40,000 a month then you would need to contact LessAccounting directly to setup a call to work on the pricing. Whether you need help with the initial bookkeeping setup on the software, recurring bookkeeping help, tax advice or planning, IRS concerns or any accounting advice, the bookkeepers of LessAccounting can help you out. So if you can afford it, this service may actually help you make more money than you already are and may be cheaper than hiring an accountant or bookkeeper from elsewhere.

Customer Support

There are not a lot of support options with LessAccounting as they only offer online articles with advice and guides with no knowledgebase or FAQ section. The main lines of customer support are regular mail, fax, and email support without toll-free telephone support. So this is something that they can improve on.

What's the Verdict on LessAccounting?

Worth It, Some Issues

LessAccounting Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are looking for a basic accounting service that can consolidate your books, save you precious time and even get your professional help without having to leave your home, then LessAccounting is for you. They live up to their name and have you do less of the accounting and more of the business operations. The pricing may not be the cheapest but their features are certainly worth the cost as they provide a lot of useful basic features and integrated applications. So go ahead and check out LessAccounting today.