Integrated Apps

QuickBooks works with a number of other third-party applications to give you a better overall experience. These apps are some that you might already be using and the addition of QuickBooks would be able to cut your working time because of the integration. Integration with PayPal would make it easy for you to extract all your transaction information onto QuickBooks so you do not have to manually input them. Integration with Shopify makes it easy to import all the orders onto QuickBooks for faster book keeping. If you are using Receipt Bank to track your receipts, QuickBooks can help you generate reports faster by extracting all receipts and invoices from this app as well. There are a lot of other applications that have integrated with QuickBooks that can help you grow your business and make your processes much faster. QuickBooks can, for example, integrate with applications such as Adobe Business Catalyst, Aero Workflow, Amazon, American Express, Bill Quick and many more.

QuickBooks Pricing Plans

There are three QuickBooks pricing plans that you can choose from, each with a tiered set of features and prices so you can get the one best suited for your needs and that is within your budget. Here is a quick look at each of the subscription plans so you can get a better idea of what to expect from each. Though they do come with a 30 day free trial to fully test the feature out for yourself, knowing which plan to try out can save you the trouble of testing out one that does not meet your needs outright.

    • Simple Start ($12.95): This plan allows you to track income and expenses as well as send unlimited estimates and invoices. You can download transactions from your linked bank account, print checks, back up data online, import to MS Excel and have 2 accountants access your data. This plan only allows for 1 user.
    • Essentials ($26.95): This comes with all the features on the Simple Start plan with the addition of being able to set up invoices to automatically bill on a recurring schedule, manage and pay bills from vendors, compare sales and profitability with industry trends and control what the other users can access. You can have up to 3 users for this plan.
    • Plus (39.95): This comes with all the features made available on the Essentials plan along with the ability to create and send purchase orders, track inventory, print and prepare 1099s, and track sales and profit abilities for each of your locations.

Customer Support

QuickBooks offers great customer support with various self-help and support options. You can check out their FAQ section for quick answer to all the basic concerns that you may have, read the reviews and view the tutorials they have on their site. You can also engage in the user community to ask help from your peers or assist other who may be encountering the same problems as you are. QuickBooks also offers a toll-free number and email address that you can easily contact should you need further help from their customer support representatives.

What's the Verdict on QuickBooks?

A Definite Buy!

QuickBooks Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you want to modernize your business and help it grow, using a small business accounting software could take you a long way. The automaton of the transactions and other processes can take hours off of your accountant’s time, or your time so you can focus more into managing the business. There is also hardly any financial risk in using QuickBooks as they offer a 30 day free-trial so you can test out the software at no cost as well as a 60 day money-back guarantee for when you actually purchase a subscription. They also offer seasonal discounts for subscriptions such as the 50% off that is currently being offered as of this writing. So go ahead and check out QuickBooks today!