Two Types of Loans

Fundation offers two types of loans, the working capital loan and business expansion loan so you can pick that one that best suits your needs. Here is a quick look at what you can expect from both loans so you know which one to go with for your business funding needs.

The working capital loan offers a maximum amount of up to $150,000 with a term between one to two years. This makes it really for small short-term cash needs of the business which should not take long to repay. If you need a bigger loan with a longer term then you need to go with the business expansion loan as they offer up to $500,000 with the maximum term of 4 years. Proceeds from this loan can be used to expand your business, build a new office or building and purchase expensive equipment.

There is no guarantee that you would be given the maximum amount for each type of loan if you apply but the only way to find out is to go to Fundation now and apply for a loan. With more knowledge on the types of loans they offer, you can now make the right choice of which to go with.

Customer Support

Fundation offers great customer support in the form of an extensive FAQ section where you can find answers to basic questions and concerns that you might have. You can also contact the Fundation customer support representatives directly via chat, email and a toll-free hotline which is certainly more than you can expect with most small business loan providers.

Loan Processing Steps

Loan application with Fundation is quick and easy that you can complete it in a few steps in under a few minutes. First you have to fill out the online application form with personal and business information to help the company evaluate whether or not you qualify for a loan. This step of the process takes less than 10 minutes then you would just have to wait for a Fundation representative to contact you and inform you of the loan terms. The loan can be accepted electronically saving you tons of time and effort. The only thing you need to do now is to wait for the funds to be credited to your account. It is that simple!

What's the Verdict on Fundation?

A Must Have

Fundation Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are in need of a small business loan, whether long term or short term, then Fundation is a great place to turn to. They may not offer business loans to those with less than desirable credit scores but if you do have a good credit score than you can certainly make use of their services. The application is quick and easy with flexible loan amounts and terms so you can get the funding you need at the price you can afford. So check out Fundation today!