Unlike other SSL Certificate providers, once validation by Network Solutions has been completed, installation is quick and easy to get you on your way faster. The SSL Certificate that they issue is sent electronically and is ready to be installed on your website once received. This is even more convenient if your website is hosted by Network Solutions as well, as it makes the installation process much faster.

Once the validation process is completed, all you need to do is visit your Network Solutions account manager and click the SSL Certificate download link to download your certificate. After the download, you will need to follow specific instructions for your web server provider for installation which you can check out in the Online Support Center on the Network Solutions website. Some of the processes involved in installation are automated for those using Network Solutions hosting.

Once installed, you can enjoy all the benefits of using a reliable SSL Certificate such as increased website conversions and business. A great majority of buyers will only make purchases from sites that provide a trust mark or a sign that their website is secure so getting Network Solutions SSL installed quickly translates to getting more opportunities to convert website visitors into customers.

Pricing and Features

Network Solutions provides state-of-the-art SSL protection at affordable pricing and with a host of excellent features to help protect information on your website servers. Their SSL Certificates are compatible with over 99% of web browsers so customers are protected no matter what they use. Whether you are running a mail server, intranet or the like and need only Domain Validation or a full business that needs Extended Validation, Network Solutions can provide your needs. Check out these Network Solutions SSL Certificate subscriptions to help you choose the best one for your business.

  • Xpress – $54.99 per year for a 3 year term with basic domain validation, $10,000 relying party guarantee and is issued in a matter of minutes.
  • Basic – $108.33 per year for a 3 year term with Site Seal, Domain and Organization Validation and $50,000 in relying party guarantee. This is usually issued within 2-4 business days because of the information validated.
  • Advanced – $166.33 per year for a 3 year term with the same features as the Basic Plan and the addition of $1 million relying party guarantee and a 1 business day insurance time.
  • Wildcard – $512.33 per year for a 3 year term with the same features as the Advanced Plan with the addition of being able to protect an unlimited number of sub-domains of your main domain.
  • Extended – $399.50 per year for a 2 year term and offers the most extensive validation process with Domain, Organization and Extended Validation. This allows the address bar to turn green which is an indication of the Extended Validation process and offers more peace of mind to website visitors. Issuance is 4-5 business days and has a relying party guarantee of $1 million.

Customer Support

You can check out the many different support articles on their FAQ section for self-help options and for quick resolution to basic concerns. If you need to contact support representatives of Network Solutions, you can easily do so via the different telephone numbers and email addresses offered for various concerns and locations. You can also access their Help Center for more helpful solutions or connect with them through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

What's the Verdict on Network Solutions?

A Definite Buy!

Network Solutions Review 2017- Conclusion

Network Solutions is one of the leading SSL Certificate providers for good reason as they have affordable pricing on a reliable product. They may not offer a free trial so customers can test out the capabilities of the SSL Certificate but make up for it by offering various subscriptions with different validation levels to meet any and every business needs. Validation and issuance of SSL Certificates is fast and installation is simple, especially if you decide to go with Network Solutions for your web hosting needs as well. Start converting more website visitors into paying customers by offering a safe venue for online transactions with Network Solutions, today!