Best Monthly Subscription Boxes 2018

A subscription box is a package of products sent to consumers on a monthly, quarterly or otherwise recurring basis. These boxes contain specific products intended for the recipients–men, women, children, and sometimes even pets! The benefits of signing up for a company’s subscription boxes are many; you might find a new product that you like, or find that the contents provide great value given the fee that you pay. It’s also often very convenient for these boxes to be delivered straight to your doorstep; and then there is that added thrill of opening a package addressed to you every few weeks. It’s like a mini-Christmas each time!

We here at Comparakeet checked out several companies’ subscription boxes, and categorized them according to the following: For Men, For Women, For Kids, Food and Snacks, and Beauty and Makeup. Check out our reviews and to see which subscription box service could be a good fit for you or someone you care about.

CompanyRankingRatingPrice Description

1st9.9 out of 10Varies Review offers boxes of assorted goodies curated by celebrities and other people of note; like Bill Nye, Jeremy Lin, and Nina Garcia.Full Review »


2nd9.8 out of 10$13.99 Per Week

Graze Review

Graze is a highly recommended subscription box service for the health-conscious. Choose eights snacks a week from over a hundred tasty creations!Full Graze Review »
Birchbox3rd9.8 out of 10$20.00 Per Month

Birchbox Review

Birchbox offers a cost-efficient way for men to sample new grooming and lifestyle items monthly, all of which can be purchased in their online store.Full Birchbox Review »
Bespoke Post4th9.8 out of 10$45.00 Per Month

Bespoke Post Review

An essential subscription box service for the utilitarian but elegant man; with items to initiate discoveries in fashion, food, electronics and more.Full Bespoke Post Review »

Kiwi Crate

5th9.8 out of 10$19.95 Per Month

Kiwi Crate Review

Kiwi Crate offers lots of fun and creative activities that you can enjoy with your children at quite reasonable prices.Full Kiwi Crate Review »

Little Passports

6th9.8 out of 10$13.95 Per Month

Little Passports Review

Little Passports gives you ways to entertain and educate your child about the world, in a fun and creative way.Full Little Passports Review »


7th9.6 out of 10$10.00 Per Month

ipsy Review

With a whole community focused on beauty and fashion, you can join the fun and refine your style, while receiving a monthly supply of beauty products.Full ipsy Review »
Winc8th9.6 out of 10$52.00 Per Month

Winc Review

With simple pricing, referrals and store credit systems, and even a rewards partnership, it's never been easier to discover and buy wines.Full Winc Review »


9th9.3 out of 10$19.95 Per Month

NatureBox Review

With nutritious snacks delivered right at your doorstep, there are no more excuses to add empty calories to your daily diet.Full NatureBox Review »


10th8.4 out of 10$29.00 Per Month

Barkbox Review

What better way to show your dogs that you love them than with a monthly box of goodies, toys and treats?Full Barkbox Review »
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Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

How Does It Work?

Subscription box services all work generally the same way--whether they target women, men, or kids; offer a variety of food and snacks; or send you a regular sampling of beauty and makeup items. You sign up by providing your personal details and billing information, pick a payment method and a subscription plan, and then just wait for the boxes to come in monthly (or another stated time interval).

Boxes can be fully customizable or fully curated--sometimes by industry veterans or celebrities, but usually by the companies themselves and centered on a theme. In some cases, it's a mix of both: You may be required to fill out a survey that allows a company to log in your preferences, and this will be the basis of the way they choose the contents of the boxes they send you. Another possibility is for a company to allow you to customize your box if you want, but still give you the option to let them suggest or pick out items they think you will probably enjoy.

Of course, there are exceptions; but we've made sure that our individual reviews in each subcategory take note of these, for your benefit.

What Makes a Great Subscription Box?

Since subscription boxes are already so personalized--whether or not the one who does the curating is you or someone else--there's very little to consider that's not in the realm of the obvious. Of course we want subscription boxes that are easy to customize, easy to pay for, and easy to cancel. Of course we want delivery dates to be consistent. Of course we'd enjoy a diverse number of items in each box. However, it all comes down to what's right for you. If a company's subscription boxes don't significantly add to or improve the quality of your life, or if you find that the contents don't complement your style or way of living, then you should move on and look for a subscription box service that does fit you.


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