Growing in Faith: 5 Christian Subscription Boxes

Lent is a time for fasting, prayer, penance and repentance; even if it does culminate in a happy celebration. More than anything, though, the forty days of Lent reminds Christians to practice and grow in their faith–hopefully as a daily habit. It’s not always easy to do that–but it’s easier with constant support and encouragement.

When it comes right down to it, that’s really what Christian subscription boxes are for. Whether you’ve just recently been baptized or you’ve been walking with God for years, they’re meant to be useful and inspiring–if not to you, then at least to someone you know who will appreciate them. Send a thoughtful gift to a friend or relative, or subscribe for a monthly spiritual push in the right direction–Lent or not.

Subscription boxes are worth it! Check out five of our favorite Christian-themed ones below.



Starts at $34.99 + shipping and handling

Ships to the US, including APO and FPO addresses

BEST FOR: College students and US military service members

These care packages allows parents, guardians and even friends to give the monthly gift of spiritual encouragement to loved ones that are in their college years–though it’s great for anyone who’s away from home. You can even subscribe and give it to yourself if you’re feeling in need of some extra spiritual–and actual–nourishment.


Each box contains four weekly devotions, up to four high quality and healthy snacks, one practical item–like a book light, a device charger or a writing tool–and a fun surprise item. With SoulFeed, you feed mind, body and soul.

Other Information

SoulFeed does not ship during the following months: January, June, July and August. This is because it follows the US academic calendar.  Also, SoulFeed boxes ship for free to APO and FPO addresses! For more food subscription box suggestions, check out our top list.


The SWAG Box

Starts at $29.99

Ships internationally

BEST FOR: Anyone facing challenges in life

To this subscription box service and its customers, SWAG means “Serving, Worshipping and Acknowledging God”–and each monthly package does do a good job of reinforcing that phrase. You can customize SWAG boxes for boys or girls; men or women; and preteens, teenagers or adults.


A typical box contains up to eight items to help you grow in your faith. Accessories, apparel, books and other products are meant to provide guidance and help you move forward with your relationship with God.

Other Information

If you are experiencing a particular difficulty or challenge in life–such as bullying, depression, stress and more–you can request a SWAG box specifically for that, too. Also, don’t forget to double check for additional charges if you’re ordering this box from outside the US.


loved + blessed

Starts at $15.99 + shipping and handling

Ships internationally



BEST FOR: Women who want to give back

These boxes of encouragement are curated to help remind women to walk in faith and spread the Word no matter what–through good times and bad. Subscriptions are designed to give you a monthly does of spiritual inspiration.


Each custom collection includes a mini poster, a reminder sticker, a scripture card, a devotional keepsake card, a gift meant to uplift and motivate you, and an encouragement kit for you to pass on your experience to someone else. Gifts can come in the form of fashion accessories, home decor and other lifestyle items. Sometimes you get bonus presents, too!

Other Information

A donation is made to the Union Rescue Mission Hope Gardens Family Center for every box shipped. For more subscription box suggestions for women, check out our top list.



Starts at $20.00

Ships internationally

BEST FOR: Loud and proud Christians

Teestimony monthly boxes for men, women and children are reminders of God’s grace and mercy, as well as a nudge to pray regularly and a way to display and share your belief.


Each package provides a key scripture or devotion for meditation, which also serves as the theme of the included t-shirt and bracelet; and sometimes it even comes with an added treat. Shirts come in various sizes that you can customize for yourself of a recipient of a gifted subscription.

Other Information

A donation is made to a church in need for every box shipped. For more internationally available subscription box suggestions, check out our list.



Starts at $25.00

Ships to the US, including APO and FPO addresses

BEST FOR: Supporters of Christian businesses

These monthly crates aim to help you support Christian businesses out there, as well as to provide you with little ways to show your faith and be closer to God.


Each package contains a handpicked sampling of up to eight Christian-themed and otherwise inspirational products: art, books, gear, toys, and other items.

Other Information

Shipping is free, and you’re also given the option monthly to send your crate to another place. You can keep these goodies for yourself or surprise someone new, month after month!