Pricing and Features

Treatsie has 3 different plans to choose from: their monthly service costs $19.95 per box, the quarterly plan is pegged at $18.95 per box, billed at $56.85, while the annual plan sports a price tag of $16.92 per box, billed at $203. All of the plans are automatically renewed, but you can cancel them anytime. Their boxes contain up to $25 worth of gourmet sweets and packs three different brands at once to help you discover new sweet treats from unknown and up-and-coming manufacturers. You can also double each item on your package with a total value of $50 for a little extra cost. The boxes ship the week after the 15th of the month, so you may want to place your order before this date to ensure that you will get this month’s package. You can also order any of your newfound favorites in their store, so you can have more of your sweet delights.