Foodstirs Recipes

If you want more than just one baking activity with your child every month, but do not want to purchase multiple subscriptions, then you can turn to Foodstirs’ own recipes. There is a section on the Foodstirs website where you can get dozens of recipe ideas, such as: strawberry thumbprint cookies, vanilla citrus cake, matcha cookies, carrot cake hearts, coconut brownies, eggnog cookies, and many more.

Each recipe is free to access and you will get the exact ingredients that you would need per serving, plus directions for making the food. Though this means you may have to purchase the ingredients yourself instead of waiting for Foodstirs to send everything you need in a convenient package every month, the good news is you can purchase some of the more specific items–such as Foodstirs Cupcakes Mix and Foodstirs Cooking Mix–right on the website itself.

This added website section allows you to have endless baking fun with your children using only the finest ingredients available.