20 Subscription Boxes Moms Will Love

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! What are your plans?

This time around, maybe you want to do something other than the usual. Instead of–or perhaps in addition to–going to a florist, picking out a card, and making dinner reservations, how about getting an unforgettable Mother’s Day gift for that special woman in your life? Whether you’re searching for something to give your mother, sister, wife or girlfriend, there’s a subscription box service somewhere out there that’s perfect for her.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the best subscription box services for different kinds of moms. Yes, there’s already a list of the best subscription boxes for women on Comparakeet, but here we’ve gone into specifics! Plus, we guarantee that everything listed here can be gifted, whether it’s in the form of gift subscriptions or gift cards. The best part? This might not be an exhaustive list of options, but whichever one you pick, it’s always going to be a gift that keeps on giving, way after Mother’s Day.

For the Stylish Mom

If your lucky lady is always perfectly put together and coiffed, she probably loves keeping up with current fashion trends–and she can’t do that without constantly trying new products! Make that part easier for her. You can check our list of the best beauty and makeup subscription boxes for more suggestions, but below we’ve listed the top subscription boxes that we think any stylish mom will love.



Top Pick: Birchbox

You have the option to gift a subscription lasting three, six or 12 months; starting at $30 plus a nominal service fee of $2.95. Each monthly delivery contains five beauty product samples chosen to match the recipient’s skin and hair type, as well as her style.

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Julep Maven
Gift a two, four or six month Julep Maven subscription; starting at about $40. Each Julep Beauty Box is customizable, which means that the recipient gets exactly what she wants from Julep’s offerings each month. On top of this, every Julep Maven enjoys a 20% discount at the Julep online store, as well as free shipping.

Gift subscriptions at GLOSSYBOX start at $25 for one month, and go all the way up to $234 for one whole year. Each monthly box contains five travel-sized luxury beauty products from carefully selected well-known and up-and-coming brands.

This service is especially useful for moms on the go. A gift subscription will definitely be appreciated by the recipient; whether she wants a monthly selection of accessories, makeup, or intimates; or Wantable’s personal style or fitness apparel shopping service. Prices vary according to subscription type and duration.

For the Foodie Mom

Is the mom in your life always in the kitchen and cooking up a storm? Maybe she’s one of those people who just enjoys discovering new snacks, dishes and recipes to taste and share. Whatever the case may be, there’s a subscription box for her kind! You can check out our list of the best food and snack subscription boxes, too, of course; but the ones below are just perfect for gifting.



Top Pick: Mouth

Mouth takes pride in being able to offer the best products from independent and artisanal food makers from all over the US; and they have over ten different subscriptions you can choose to gift. From chocolates to pickles, and even gin or whiskey; they have monthly selections to satisfy any mom’s specific food or alcohol preference. If you want to leave the choice up to the recipient, you can always go with a gift card–from $25 to $500 in value.

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It doesn’t get simpler than this. Give the mom in your life a Winc gift card–from $60 to $600 in value–and have her experience the joy of a personalized selection of finely crafted wines delivered straight to her doorstep month after month.

Shaker & Spoon
Starting at $50 for a single month’s subscription, all the way to $480 for a whole year’s worth of subscription boxes, give the gift of Shaker & Spoon to that special lady. This cocktail club will not only teach her how to make new drinks, but also give her all the tools to do so–sans the actual alcohol.

A Kitchen Box

Starting at $119 for a three month gift subscription, A Kitchen Box is the perfect choice for the curious cook. Every month a themed box containing artisanal food products, a new featured recipe to try, a useful tool, a postcard, and new music for a kitchen playlist will arrive at the recipient’s doorstep.

For the Working Mom

Working moms are some of the busiest people in the world. It’s not easy to maintain a household, raise children and be focused on a career all at the same time; but these superheroes do it without batting an eyelash. Whether your gift is meant to motivate and inspire a mom, get her to relax more, or even add a dash of luxury to her daily life; you can count on these subscription boxes to help.



Top Pick: POPSUGAR Must Have

A POPSUGAR Must Have box is a well-loved and highly coveted monthly curated collection that has a little bit of everything; from fashion accessories and makeup, to fitness items and home decor. All included products are premium and full-sized, and range from being trendy celebrity favorites to being tried and true classics. Every month, the recipient will get a box actually worth $100 or more–going by the actual retail value of each separate item–and sometimes there will even be freebies thrown into the mix. Gift subscriptions start at one month for around $40, all the way up to six months for around $215.

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Work It Box
Each monthly Work It Box contains handpicked treats and items from women-founded and women-owned companies, which are all meant to inspire and motivate the working woman. Gift subscriptions start at $30 for one month, but you can also get a three month subscription for around $75.

Hammock Pack
This service provides what it likes to call “doorstep getaways”–basically vacations a recipient can take without having to actually leave the house. Each box is priced at $60 and ships month to month, and you can gift as many as you want. Hammock packs follow monthly destination themes, and contain accessories, beauty items, food, house decor and more from small and local businesses operating within the designated area.

Indigo Beaux

With four to five exclusive, luxury and full-size items–from beauty and skincare products to healthcare and relaxation aids–in each monthly box, an Indigo Beaux gift subscription is on the pricey side at around $66 for one month. For a one year subscription, it can cost somewhere around $720! It’s well worth it, though; these boxes will revitalize and re-energize your intended recipient each month.

For the Artsy-Craftsy Mom

When it comes to hobbies, there’s a wide range of choices for moms. Some may be the sporty type; and while there are subscription boxes that cater to that kind, we think that it’s much easier to gift gym memberships to moms, or even sign them up for classes! For quieter, introverted mothers who are hands-on with arts and crafts, subscription boxes chosen especially for them can be a godsend.



Top Pick: Home Made Luxe

This service calls itself “Pinterest delivered to your doorstep”, and with good reason, too! Each monthly Home Made Luxe box contains all the materials you need to complete one DIY project, along with step by step instructions and a video tutorial link. Help the mom in your life create home decor with her own two hands for as low as $26 a month, plus shipping. Gift subscriptions can cover one, three or six months.

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Creative Mercantile
A monthly Mercantile Mail Kit contains eight to 12 varied products: cards, clips, decorative papers, stamps, stickers, washi tape and more items for use in scrapbooks, planners and other crafts and projects. A gift subscription starts at one month for around $25, and Creative Mercantile ships worldwide.

Is your artsy-craftsy mom a knitter? Knit-Wise is the perfect service for her, as each monthly box comes with all the materials needed to create one knitting project. The service takes the recipient’s knitting skill level–from beginner to advanced–into account as well, so it will never send anything that can’t be used or completed. A subscription starts at $29 month on month, and you can give a Knit-Wise gift card with a value ranging from $30 to $100.

Quilters Candy Box
Each monthly Quilters Candy Box contains a carefully selected collection of fabrics, patterns, other quilting materials and even the occasional additional home decor item and edible treat. Subscriptions start at $43 a month, and you can gift as many boxes as you want.

For the New Mom

Mother’s Day is extra special for those who may be the center of the festivities for the first time. Women who are expecting are waiting for the best gift of all, but you can still give them stuff that will help them as they anticipate the big day! And if the new mom in your life is already taking care of a little one, we even have a list of the best subscription boxes for children you can check out for more ideas.



Top Pick: Kiwi Crate

The service offers many subscription boxes based on children’s age brackets, but it’s the Cricket Crate for newborns that is our top pick for new moms. A three month gift subscription is only $60 with free shipping, and each box contains an age appropriate educational toy and book, plus other products that support and inspire the healthy learning and development of both the child and the mother.

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Bump Boxes
Gift subscriptions come in three, six and nine month packages; starting at $114 with free shipping. Monthly boxes contain personalized healthcare, edible and fun products for every stage of the mother’s pregnancy; and even includes items for the baby on the way!

21 Bundles
This service aims to ease new mothers into their upcoming role; slowly replacing harmful and harsh products with baby-safe and eco-friendly options contained in each monthly delivery. Boxes are around $40 a month, and you can gift as many as you like.

Mama Bird Box
Mama Bird Box gift subscriptions come in one, three and six month packages; starting at around $35 a month. Each box contains at least four items for your own mama bird, meant to encourage a shift to natural and non-harmful products and also promote healthy living and good well-being. Examples include non-toxic nail polish, natural skin care products, food items and fashion accessories.