A One Stop Shop for all Tax Needs

Apart from the fact that CommunityTax is not a manage-it-yourself tax software, another thing that separates this company’s service from the likes of TurboTax et al, is the fact that they provide a one stop shop for all of taxpayers’ needs. If you need help managing your business’ bookkeeping efforts, or you need tax preparation assistance, or even help with tax resolutions, then this is one of the few companies that has all of these services under one roof. Even better, you will also get a fully personalized service from their dedicated team of tax professionals that will formulate the best strategy that will solve your tax woes.

Pricing & Features

As mentioned previously, CommunityTax offers a wide range of services that should cover just about every base regarding taxes. And because of the fact that you will have a team of dedicated tax professionals helping you every step of the way, you are sure to get the best possible service there is.

For starters, if you currently have income tax debt problems, their industry-leading two-step program can assist you in your troubles – whether you have a tax lien notice or unfiled tax returns. Their team will help you create a customized tax resolution plan, as well as file a Power of Attorney and handle any and all IRS or State tax authority correspondence.

Next, if you need any assistance in tax preparation, their team can help you every step of the way to ensure that all credits and deductions are handled properly and effectively every tax season. Even better, their tax preparers, many of which are CPAs, accountants, and enrolled agents, are registered with the IRS, so you are assured of their legitimacy and skills.

Meanwhile, the company also provides bookkeeping services for those who wish to get their business’ financial records in order, but do not have the time to do it themselves. CommunityTax’s staff of CPAs and financial service agents will handle all monthly bank reconciliations and prepare reports. They will do this every quarter, every year, or even every month, so you can effectively manage your business’ bottom line.

Finally, CommunityTax also offers everyday tax assistance via their CTax Monitoring service, which also gives you IRS compliance updates, tax ID theft resolution services, and even annual tax preparation services. This program comes in two flavors, the Basic and the Premier. The previous will cost you a monthly service charge of $8.99, while the latter will cost you $18.99, with both carrying a one-time setup fee of $25 each. The only difference between these two is the fact that annual tax preparation services are absent from the Basic plan.

Customer Support

Should you have any inquiries about their services, CommunityTax offers phone, fax, and live chat support options for you to choose from. They also list down their office location so you can either send them mail by post or visit them in person, if you like. Alternatively, if you want to further educate yourself regarding things like common tax terms, tax penalties and interest, tax compliance and the like, they also provide a pretty good collection of resources for you to chew on. That said, their FAQ section is virtually non-existent as of this writing.

What's the Verdict on CommunityTax?

A Must Try

CommunityTax Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are looking for a full service tax solution, look beyond the numerous tax softwares out there and turn your attention towards CommunityTax. This company offers a one stop shop solution for all of your tax related needs – from bookkeeping to an everyday tax assistance service. More than that, they also do their best to educate every taxpayer out there via a handful of learning resources, as well as provide everyone the chance to get insight from tax professionals via free consultations. So, are you ready to say goodbye to your tax woes? Then check out CommunityTax now!