To be able to obtain their complete pricelist, you will need to contact their sales team. This can be a bit of an inconvenience since other services simply publish their rates for customers’ access. They do indicate that the plans start at $500/ year, a bit expensive as compared to other services. This could be due to the fact that Adobe is a well-known name in the market, which also means that you can expect nothing short of a superb experience when availing for their products.


Currently, Adobe Connect only offers a plan that can host a hundred participants, but they will be soon opening an option for a smaller group size at 25 participants, which is perfect for starting businesses and small group meetings. Moreover, fewer allocation for participants means a cheaper price tag, so expect the program to have a budget-friendlier plan once they have it released.

With Adobe Connect, you can share your screen and documents, make use of polls, Q&A, chat, notes, whiteboard, and emoticons, customize layouts, share rich media, have audio integrations and VoIP. They also provide persistent rooms, URLs and contents, unlimited meeting rooms er host, ability to have multiple hosts/ presenters, backstage area, and breakout rooms.

In terms of content, you can create, edit and stream recordings, have administration access, instill account branding and customization, assign a custom domain name for the organization, convert the session recording to MP4, and have developer access to API and SDKs. There will also be a central content library where users can access recordings of meeting and conferences for  whatever purpose.

Customer Support

Adobe Connect has an extensively useful support page where you can find almost everything to get you going, from tutorials, to manuals, to community forums. In the event that you feel the need to contact their team, you can do so in three ways. You can give their hotline a ring, leave a message on their consultation page, or contact one of their partners from their official listing.

Going Mobile

The growing popularity of smartphones and tablets together with their apps has certainly pushed technology in truly exciting avenues. With a few taps and swipes of your fingertips, you can already book a taxi, order pizza, do your banking, and many, many more. Adobe Connect adds video conferencing capabilities to this constantly growing list so you can host meetings and do collaboration with your team from your iPhone, Android device, and Blackberry Playbook. Who says you have to be tied up to your desk and cubicle when presenting to your boss? With Adobe Connect, you can do this task even when you are on the road, just simply download their app.

What's the Verdict on Adobe Connect?

Worth It, Some Issues

Adobe Connect Review 2020 – Conclusion

Adobe Connect does not only excel in giving you a reliable video conferencing software they also stand out in terms of security, being the brand of choice by the US Department of Defense. But this does not exempt them from having a few missteps in their offerings. They give no option for dial-in services and they also put some strain on your pockets with their expensive starting prices, which can be off-putting for small companies. Always remember though, that you get what you pay for, and with this program, you can be sure that every penny that you spend is worth what you will be getting.