Unfortunately, to be able to acquire BT Conferencing’s pricing and rates, you would have to get in touch with their customer representative, which, honestly, is a big inconvenience for any user. The price tags for their plans and packages could have easily been published in their website, giving potential members complete information on their product. Nevertheless, it is also a positive thing to call their team prior to committing so you can have the opportunity to ask and clarify any matter regarding their services.


First and foremost, BT Conferencing gives you utmost care and assistance during the planning stage, during the actual event, and even in maintenance by having consultations with their expert management team. They can also render project management, hardware/network selection, one AV design, installation, and implementation support. They also have a Remote Equipment Monitoring that does a continuous assessment of your video conferencing system for reliability and stability.

The BT Global Video Exchange utilizes Cisco TelePresence from a simple internal organization tool to a portal for meetings and conferences for clients, partners, and suppliers. This service marries online users who signed-up to the off-net users who are subscribed to exchange services of other providers. In doing so, you can have a fast and easy access to numerous point persons from anywhere on the globe regardless of the system they are based on. Moreover, meetings are encrypted to ensure the privacy and security of every session.

Customer Support

Despite not having a FAQ page or a knowledgebase section, BT Conferencing offers dozens of hotlines for different countries across the globe like Australia, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, UK, and of course, the US. They also have offices located in Australia, UK and US. You can also request for more information by leaving your personal and company details at their contact page. Unfortunately, they do not have live chat support, nor any social media accounts, but you can be sure that your concern will be attended to the soonest.

Self-serve or Assisted, No Need to Fret

With BT Conferencing’s video bridging services, you can opt for the level of assistance that you will receive. They have three levels of assistance: self-service, wherein the calls are automated with up to 12 video participating systems with the options for SD, HD 720p, and 1080p resolutions. This also includes an allocation of 4MB per screen. Do take note however, that since this is a self-assisted option, there will be no helpdesk availability. The assisted option contains the same technical specs, with up to 20 video participating systems. It also includes access to your partner’s and member’s directory, call extension and termination, connection monitoring, a dedicated conference producer, and usage reporting, with 24/7/365 helpdesk availability. Lastly, the custom event option contains all of the previous tier’s features, with unlimited video and audio participating systems for large-scaled conferences.

What's the Verdict on BT Conferencing?

Worth It, Some Issues

BT Conferencing Review 2020 – Conclusion

With a wide array of services just for video conferences alone, BT Conferencing is truly one of the greater products that you will find that can seamlessly connect you to the world. They do have certain avoidable limitations, like online accounts offered only in the US and UK, and lacking features like a mobile app, which can be a no-no to some customers. But if you value simplicity and thoroughness, then you should definitely check out BT Conferencing!