Pricing and Features

GoToMeeting has 3 plans to offer: Starter, Pro, and Plus. Take note that all three requires annual subscription upon purchase.

Starter is best suited for small meetings and a handful of team members. It costs $24 per organizer month, includes provision for up to 5 attendees, a personal meeting room, screensharing, HD video capabilities, toll-free option, live 24/7 support, and mobile apps for your devices. Do bear in mind that this plan does not include session recording options, but given the inclusions, is perfect for casual meetings and small businesses that do not require heavy documentation.

Next up is their bestseller, the Pro package. Aside from the previously mentioned features, it includes the option to record the call. This plan can accommodate up to 25 attendees, which is well-suited if you have a medium sized team in different locations. It costs $39 per organizer per month, and can be tried out without a cost for 30 days.

Last, but not the least is their Plus plan. Just like the previous plan it unlocks all the premier features plus the offer of a 30 day free trial. It costs $49 per organizer per month and can allow up to 100 attendees, the perfect solution if you have a large-scaled business with lots of of personnel.

GoToMeeting can be launched from anywhere in your desktop, be it from Microsoft Office, your email, or from instant messaging tools. With just a few clicks, you can already be on your way into a brainstorming discussion with your team, all while ideas are still fresh and plenty in your mind.

Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Linux, iOS, Android — GoToMeeting is compatible with all of these operating systems, so it doesn’t matter if you plan to use your iPhone or Android device and your participants are on their desktop computers. You can still connect and collaborate with them easily and seamlessly.

Customer Support

GoToMeeting has a helpful FAQ page should you have any questions about their services. They also have HowTo videos that demonstrate usage and the functions of their software. You can also register for a live training and their team will happily guide you in the ins and outs of the program. Moreover, you can give them a call if you feel the need to speak with a representative. Despite not showing their office hours, you can be assured that their support team will be ready to assist you in your concerns.

20% Off Annual Plans

If video conferencing is a daily staple of your business and will be requiring the services in long term, then GoToMeeting has great news for you. You can save 20% off should you decide to sign-up for a full year. That’s right. You don’t have to give yourself a headache on budgeting and explaining to your superior why a simple video conferencing subscription cost you an arm and a leg; GoToMeeting has your back in terms of cost-efficiency. So quit shopping for other services that plainly robs you in daylight, sign-up for an annual subscription today!

What's the Verdict on GoToMeeting?

Worth It, Some Issues

GoToMeeting Review 2020 – Conclusion

For its price, GoToMeeting sure packs a punch with its video conferencing services. They have all the standards of a competitive software with the option to try their higher priced packages for free — something which is quite rare among the bunch. They do however skimp on some basic features for their cheapest plan, most prominently the session recording option. Nevertheless, for the very attractive price tags of their services, it is hard to match the simplicity and convenience that they offer.