VOIPo is definitely a good option for customers who simply want a dependable communication service so they can focus wholly on operating their business. VOIPo’s two-year commitment charges significantly less then their monthly option. Their regular rate of $15 follows the going-rate of the industry. So the two-year plan actually translates to savings of more than $200 over a period of two years.

 Ease of Use

The small VOIPo adapter that comes free with the plan acts as a digital connection, converting data into voice. Simply connect it to your modem and/or router or computer, and you’re done. The adapter can accept a couple of regular telephones. Step-by-step instructions are provided along with the adapter and VOIPo has a dedicated knowledge base on their website to help answer common questions and troubleshooting information. There’s also a customer forum on their website for discussions with other users of the service.  In case you need further assistance, VOIPo offers customer service and support over the phone, email, and live chat. Technicians are based in the US.

Managing your account settings on VOIPo’s website is just as easy. The control panel allows users to view call logs, listen to voicemail, set up call routing, and more. VOIPo also offers the option of updating your account by sending a simple text to them and they’ll change it for you. All in all, you are getting a pretty user-friendly service.


VOIPo may not have a lot of options in terms of flexibility in their package offerings, but it may suit customers who just want a basic VoIP service, and would want a more straightforward approach rather than a buffet of features to choose from. Their residential and business plans come with over 40 features like unlimited calls to US and Canada, and 60 minutes free of international calls.

Their website has a complete list of the features, but suffice it to say VOIPo has you covered with the basic and useful features anyone can hope for from a provider. These include call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling, caller ID, voicemail, and 411 directory assistance.  You can also assign as many speed dial codes as you can remember and modify or add to the speed dial functionality as needed.

With the voicemail feature, you can choose to be alerted of new voicemails via email and/or SMS. A recording of the message even comes with the email messages. Voicemail are visible on your control panel on VOIPo’s website.

VOIPo has an e911 service that enables you to assign your location to be linked to emergency first-responders. This location can be updated at your convenience on your vPanel account.

Another feature that stands out is the Network Failover Forwarding. VOIPo wants to make sure that every call gets to you so that when there’s a power or ISP outage, their system will automatically forward calls to your assigned and specified number.

A rollover line is included in the features as well, and it works as a separate line connected to the same number. This makes it possible to make and receive calls even when someone else is on the phone. Overall, an impressive list of features that can help you communicate effectively.

What's the Verdict on VOIPo?

Worth It, Some Issues

VoiPo Review 2017 – Conclusion

VOIPo’s month-to-month plan is relatively expensive but its “limited offer” bundle plans make it a viable contender as having the cheapest rate among other VoIP providers. It’s hard to say if this limited offer has a limited time release as well, since they’ve had this promo for a while now. It’s also not clear how much they’ll charge for renewal after the two years is up, or if they’ll even have a similar promo by then. In the meantime, no one is complaining. VOIPo describes themselves as “The Likeable Phone Company” and so far, there is plenty to like about what they offer. They are an owner-managed, debt-free company that believes in delivering excellent customer service. More importantly, VOIPo seems to know just how to mix the extra perks and match it with the right price point.