Mobile Application

There are some things that people cannot go a day without, and one of those is their mobile phones. More and more people are getting hooked on their smartphones and use it for nearly every function that it can do. So there is no reason why companies like ClickMeeting cannot take advantage of that and also help businesses improve their operations. This is done with the help of their mobile app.

The app allows you to create or join a meeting from anywhere you can get a connection so you never have to miss a meeting again. You can schedule live online meetings on the app and even stream live audio and video easily. The app allows you to present documents, video reports and presentations much like you could on the desktop. You can also invite presenters and participants easily by searching your contacts. There is also an interactive whiteboard to make brainstorming sessions more interactive.

The app is free to download across all platforms and offers a lot more useful features. If you do plan to go with ClickMeeting, remember to check out your device’s app store to download their mobile app and take advantage of being able to attend conferences on the go.

ClickMeeting Subscriptions

There are 5 ClickMeeting subscriptions to choose from easily making, it one of the best selections around. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs and go for an annual subscription to get a reduced price. Check out this quick comparison of what to expect from each plan.

  • ClickMeeting 25 – $30 a month ($22.50 with annual billing) that allows for up to 25 attendees, 2 hours of video recording and 2 presenters.
  • ClickWebinar 50 – $40 a month ($30 with annual billing) that allows for up to 50 attendees, 4 hours of video recording and 4 presenters.
  • ClickWebinar 100 – $79 ($59.25 with annual billing) that allows for up to 100 attendees, 6 hours of video recording and 4 presenters.
  • ClickWebinar 500 – $160 ($120 with annual billing) that allows for up to 500 attendees, 8 hours of video recording and 4 presenters.
  • ClickWebinar 1000 – $280 ($210 with annual billing) that allows for up to 1000 attendees, 10 hours of video recording and 4 presenters.

All the subscriptions support Audio and Video conferencing, Meeting Room Rebranding, Full Desktop Sharing and Control, Moderated Q&A, Simultaneous Chat Translation, Social Media Sharing, Polling and FAQ sessions, Recorded Meetings, Account Panel, Statistics and Mobile Apps.

Customer Support

ClickMeeting offers excellent customer support as they have Video Tutorials, Printable Manuals and a FAQ section for those who prefer self-help. Getting in touch with a representative is also easy as they offer email, telephone and live chat support to their customers. Though telephone and live chat are only available from 9am to 5pm EST, it is still good that they offer it. The mailing addresses of their different offices are also indicated on their website for those that want to mail in concerns.

What's the Verdict on ClickMeeting?

Worth It, Some Issues

ClickMeeting Review 2020 – Conclusion

ClickMeeting is a great option for any type of business as they offer subscriptions with varying features. The price may be a little higher than other competitors but they do offer a 30 day free trial, discounts for annual subscription and even special pricing for non-profit organizations. An excellent web conference provider backed by world-class customer support is exactly what you get with ClickMeeting. So don’t wait any longer and check out ClickMeeting today.