iLinc Benefits

What exactly is in a Web Conference tool that would benefit the business aside from offering a means of communication? This is something that most customers have begun to ask and iLinc has provided some answers to help shed some light on the matter. When you think about it, web conferences can be used for more than just meetings and brainstorming, it only depends on the department and the people that use it.

iLinc tools enrich the conference and webinar experience which helps marketers engage audiences and share information online for product launches and other promotional activities. The use of video, desktop sharing, annotation and other collaborative features can help produce more sales by providing better information. Training sessions can also be done with participants from all over the world so there is no need to gather them all in one geographic location. It also allows Human Resources to recruit, cultivate and evaluate geographically dispersed employees and allows remote employees to easily collaborate with those in the office.

The benefits of web conferences with iLinc are only limited by how the business uses it as they have provided an excellent product that anyone and everyone can use.

iLinc Products and features

iLinc offers 4 different products that allows you to conduct webinars, meetings or trainings. Each one comes with its own specific features geared to delivering a better experience to the customers. Depending on what you need the service for, you can get the iLinc product best suited for it. Here is a quick look at each product and what features come with them.

  • iLinc for Meetings – This allows 25 attendees by default with audio and video options and is the most basic product they have. If you need a way to just host meetings and web conferences, then this is for you.
  • iLinc for Webinars – This allows for up to 1000 attendees and has all the features of iLinc for Meetings with the addition of Real-Time Customizable Polling, AV Streaming (YouTube, Flash, Etc), In-Session surveys, Live Streaming Video and Public-Facing activity Launch Portal.
  • iLinc for Learning – This allows up to 50 attendees and also has the same features as iLinc for Webinars with the addition of Test Tools, Peek at Student’s desktops, Breakout Groups for group work, online course catalogue and the option to add iLinc LMS integration.
  • iLinc for Support – This is not a very commonly used product as it is mainly to provide support. It allows up to 25 attendees with the same features as iLinc for Meetings except for event registration and invitations. They do add customer wait listing and auto-reconnect after system reboot.

Customer Support

iLinc offers their mailing address, toll-free contact numbers, online form submission and fax number as means of providing customer support. They also have a training center to help customers with the basics of using their program as well as a comprehensive knowledge base. Toll-free numbers, meanwhile, are only available from 8am to 8pm on weekdays except for major holidays.

What's the Verdict on iLinc?

Worth It, Some Issues

iLinc Review 2020 – Conclusion

iLinc offers a fairly basic service with the iLinc for Meetings and good options with their other products. If you are looking for a web conference provider then iLinc would make for a good option to consider. However, if working on the go is important, you may want to consider other options as iLinc does not offer a mobile app and does not have a free trial that allow you to test drive their services. Other than that, you can contact their customer support to learn more about pricing and maybe even sign up with iLinc.