Subscriptions and Add-On Cost

As was mentioned earlier, you can either choose to avail of the Pay As You Go method or choose from the two monthly subscriptions of InterCall. Each choice has a unique set of features so it is important that you get the right one for your business needs. Here is a quick look at what you can get from each so you know which one to go with.

The lower subscription of InterCall costs $25 a month and only allows up to 10 maximum attendees while the higher plan costs $39 a month for up to 25 attendees. Both plans include a dedicated dial-in number, option for additional toll-free dial-in ($0.05/min/person), free mobile apps and 24/7 support. Both also allow for an unlimited number of conference calls so depending on the number of attendees you expect to have, you can choose which plan is better for you.

Going for the Pay As You Go option is a little different as they charge $0.17/min/person so it is entirely based on your usage per month. Say for example you host multiple conference calls that amount to 50 total hours, you would be charged $0.1 x 3000 (50 hours is 3000 minutes) = $510. That is why if you plan to host many conference calls then a monthly subscription might be better. The Pay As You go option is only good for companies that need the high number of attendees and can afford the hefty price that comes with it.

Customer Support

InterCall is very straightforward with the customer support options that they offer as they only have one telephone number, one email address and a live chat feature. Through these methods you can raise concerns, ask questions or file complaints with their products or services. They also offer an FAQ section with answers to the most basic customer concerns so you can self-help and find the solution faster.

Mobile App

InterCall offers a free mobile app for both Android and iOS powered devices called Mobile Meet. Through this app you can stay connected to everything as if you were on your desktop. Some of the features of Mobile Meet are Calendar Integration that syncs all upcoming events to your device so you never miss a meeting. It can also save and activate your preferred phone profile when you are in a meeting so you don’t forget to turn your phone silent again.

Management Controls and One-Touch-Access are also available on the app. You can mute, unmute, rename, discount an individual or the entire group and many more commands along with being able to start or join audio meetings with just a tap on the screen. The app also offers push notifications if someone is in the waiting area as well as many other features you can check out on the app directly.

What's the Verdict on InterCall?

Worth It, Some Issues

InterCall Review 2020 – Conclusion

Whether you are a small business that just needs a very basic service or a large company that requires multiple attendees and a toll-free number, InterCall has the right product for you. Each one comes at affordable prices so you can be assured that these will not burn a hole through your wallet. They do have a number of flaws but they are still offering a very good service to their customers, regardless. So if you are in need of a conference call provider, check out InterCall, today!